How to Create Facebook APP ID

Recently, I shared a trick on how anybody can update his/her Facebook status via any costly gadgets (such as Via BlackBerry, Via iPod, Via iPhone, Via SamSung Galaxy Tab, Android etc), Funny Devices (such as Via Calculator, Via Nokia 3310, Via Toilet etc), and other costly devices without owning one to impress friends on Facebook to believe you are having one and how you can also use via Your Name or anything.

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Create Facebook ID

So today, I want to share how anybody can easily create any application name to updates his/her Facebook status such as via Your Name, via Your Company Name and etc without emailing me to create one for him/her as done in the past. This can be done by creating an APP ID from your Facebook account and then use it to update your Facebook status any time. Though Facebook APP ID can be used for different purposes, but this post will emphasis on how you can create  APP ID to update your statuses on Facebook.

Steps to Create Facebook APP ID

1.First login to with your login details

2. Afterward, go to, once the page loads, click on the ‘Register Now’ button.

facebook developer

3. A dialogue box will appear you immediately click on the register button in (1) above requiring you to register as a Facebook Developer. Change the switch from No to Yes and then click on register.

register as facebook developer

4. Immediately you click on register, you should see another dialogue box with a success message. Now click on Done to continue

success message

5. Now that you have successfully registered as a Facebook developer, no go back to and click on create a new app button when the page opens.

create a new app

6. On the application creation page, you wold be required to provide Display Name, Namespace and choose category. Remember you are seeking for the id to update your Facebook status with. So supply the name which you want to update your Facebook Status with in the display name column, leave namespace column empty, select apps for page in the category option and finally, click on create app. 

creating a new app

7. Go back to and click on the created app

8. You would be taken to a page where you would see the app id, just copy it  and go to Facebook Updater page to update your Facebook Status via the APP ID you’ve created.By now, you must have successfully created a working APP ID to update your statuses on Facebook.

app id

update facebook status

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