CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicts 5 billion Facebook users by 2030

In an occasion at Facebook’s (FB) new offices on Wednesday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made bold predictions to reporters that he strongly anticipates his social network to by 2030 to have 5 billion users.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicts 5 billion Facebook users by 2030

Putting in his words Zuckerberg said: “We want to finish connecting everyone, we’re going to do it in partnership with governments and different companies all over the world.”

According to USA Today, Zuckerberg’s goal is to have “5 billion of the world’s 7 billion humans connected to its social network.” You will agree with me that 7 billion is the global population at the present with the comparison taking on zero population growth over the next 14 years. If you measured this, The United Nations asserts a global population of 8.5 billion by 2030.

Yet, 5 billion out of 8.5 billion would still be a very plausible progress.

The prediction typically corresponds with Zuckerberg’s oft-reemphasised mission statement that his goal is to wire the world into a global connection. His practical approach to realizing this mission is including Internet-delivering drones and the controversial

From his perspective, Zuckerberg sees the latter project as a very helpful means to developing free services that prompt the encourages faster Internet adoption.

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