Apple may not use Intel’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in 2020 iPhones

It seems that Apple will no longer be using Intel’s modems in the iPhones they will manufacture in the future according to the report we received from our sources. The company told Intel that it will not be making use of its upcoming Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the product lineup of 2020.

Our sources also said that this has made Intel stop the development of the chip which is codenamed Sunny Peak because Intel hoped Apple would be the company that would make others interested in the chip. Now, Intel will only be working on improving the chip in an effort to win Apple over with better performance for its lineup in 2022.

A representative at Intel stated that, “Intel’s 5G customer engagements and roadmap have not changed for 2018 through 2020. We remain committed to our 5G plans and projects.” We are still unsure if Intel will continue to provide Wi-Fi or Bluetooth chips.

The report doesn’t however come as an entire surprise because late last month we had gotten a tip from one of our sources saying that Apple will no longer be using Intel’s modems and it will start using those made by MediaTek. Further rumours state that Apple will also no longer use Intel’s chips for its Mac devices beginning from 2020.

The reports we have thus far received only seems to raise further questions such as where Apple will be getting its modems from by the time it drops those created by Intel. Apple’s supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote a research note in February this year stating that Apple’s iPhones would rely more on Intel’s modems during the course of the year because the company seeks to reduce its dependence on chips made by Qualcomm.

For all we suspect, Apple may want to make up with Qualcomm or maybe look into new manufacturers such as MediaTek. The ultimate guess could be that the company wants to start using its own processors like it tried to do before and in that wise, give itself more control over the components that make up an iPhone.

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