How to Clean PC RAM Without Notepad | Increase Computer Speed

You computer might become slow if you’re working with many programs on your computer. This usually happens when your computer RAM (Random Access Memory) is full of remaining progress pieces that you’ve worked on and you no longer need. So if you get rid of those pieces that you no longer need, your computer performance will be enhanced i.e. your computer will work at it’s full speed, since your PC RAM has been freed of  programs that aren’t useful.


Here is a simple technique you can use to clear your computer RAM cache with Notepad.

Steps to Use Notepad to Enhance Computer Performance

1. Click on “Start” button ==> “All Programs” ==> “Notepad
2. Now type “Mystring=(80000000)” without quotes
3. Save the file on your computer as “ram.vbe”.
4. Now click on the file you created to clear your computer RAM to make your computer almost 80% faster.

If you have any question(s) regarding this tutorial, don’t hesitate to use the comment box below.

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