How To Buy From & Get It Shipped To Nigeria

Amazon is a place where you can get lots of products including Best & Cheap Laptops, Mobile Phones, Household Gadgets, Books, DVDs, Jewelries and many other products you can name. Amazon has a large team of sellers that offers large varieties of customers’ products and goods that are mostly American made. American made goods are known by all to be goods that stand for quality.

How to Buy Things from Amazon & Get It Shipped To Nigeria? Is a common question among internet shoppers in Nigeria. Since is the largest retail shop online where anyone can virtually get what he/she needs online. Shopping from is not the problem for Nigerians, but the main issue is how to get the product shipped to Nigeria. Today, I want to share some simple steps you can use to shop from and get products that doesn’t ship to Nigeria.

Before you proceed, check:

Stuffs That Amazon Will Ship to Most Countries Including Nigeria

Countries like Nigeria can only get some certain items shipped to their doorstep if they fall into the categories of Books, DVDs, Music and Video within one week. You can also read Amazon Shipping Restrictions Here.

Stuffs That Amazon Will Not Ship to Most Countries Including Nigeria

Products like Household Gadgets, Laptops and other products except Books, Music, DVDs and Videos cannot be shipped to Nigeria directly from Though there is a way around this restriction.

How to Shop from Amazon and Get it Shipped Directly to Nigeria?

As I have said earlier, shopping from Amazon is not the problem, but the main problem is getting products that are not Books, Music, DVD and Video in Nigeria. Recently, I was able to secure a Cheap Dell Laptop Online from Amazon. I want to share the same process I went through to get it with you today so that you can use the same method to get any products that Amazon does not ship directly to Nigeria in Nigeria.

1 – I search Amazon and was able to jam a cheap dell laptop – HERE

2 – After selecting the one I desired, I proceeded with payment and then choose free shipping with my US address.

3 – Though I live in Nigeria, I secure my own personal US Mailing Address from My Us. If you need a US mailing address, you can get one HERE. NB: You must always forward your products to your US mailing address and then later re-ship it to Nigeria. With a US mailing address you can buy products that Amazon cannot ship directly to Nigeria.

4 – Finally, I made payment to Amazon via my Visa card from Zenith Bank Plc. You can use virtually most commercial banks Master/Visa Cards only.

Recommended: How to Get a US Address in Nigeria.

In case the store you wish to patronize won’t accept your method of payment, use MyUS Personal Shopper service. They help with stores and auctions such as eBay that may not accept your preferred payment method.

Buy From Amazon

You can also CLICK HERE to search all products on Amazon.

P.s – Shopping on Amazon is cheap and convenient.

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  1. Pls can u sogest amount colet for the dell laptop they ship to u here in nigeria

  2. Pls would i pay for the regestration on,i try it bout i can’t complet it

  3. Nice one

  4. how do one get the postal address in Nigeria ? do u go to a post office or?…. how? please will you pay member ship fee every Month to or just once?

  5. I hrd Amazon now ships to Nigeria without third party…pls kindly confirm bro

  6. How long did it take to ship from myus to Nigeria?

  7. How does one redirect the ordered goods from the u.s address

  8. Nice one Segun. How do you ship from the US mailing address to Nigeria?.
    Thanx for sharing the knowledge.

  9. adebayo says:

    thanks for the info, and i have gone to check out, but i have one question, after registering on, how much wud it cost to ship to nigeria, i wanna get an iphone, but looking at the rates on the website, it cost like 12k? so am wondering, if am wrong or right, how much did you ship your own laptop? thanks

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