How To Buy From & Get It Shipped To Nigeria

Amazon is a place where you can get lots of products including Best & Cheap Laptops, Mobile Phones, Household Gadgets, Books, DVDs, Jewelries and many other products you can name. Amazon has a large team of sellers that offers large varieties of customers’ products and goods that are mostly American made. American made goods are known by all to be goods that stand for quality.

How to Buy Things from Amazon & Get It Shipped To Nigeria? Is a common question among internet shoppers in Nigeria. Since is the largest retail shop online where anyone can virtually get what he/she needs online. Shopping from is not the problem for Nigerians, but the main issue is how to get the product shipped to Nigeria. Today, I want to share some simple steps you can use to shop from and get products that doesn’t ship to Nigeria.

Before you proceed, check:

Stuffs That Amazon Will Ship to Most Countries Including Nigeria

Countries like Nigeria can only get some certain items shipped to their doorstep if they fall into the categories of Books, DVDs, Music and Video within one week. You can also read Amazon Shipping Restrictions Here.

Stuffs That Amazon Will Not Ship to Most Countries Including Nigeria

Products like Household Gadgets, Laptops and other products except Books, Music, DVDs and Videos cannot be shipped to Nigeria directly from Though there is a way around this restriction.

How to Shop from Amazon and Get it Shipped Directly to Nigeria?

As I have said earlier, shopping from Amazon is not the problem, but the main problem is getting products that are not Books, Music, DVD and Video in Nigeria. Recently, I was able to secure a Cheap Dell Laptop Online from Amazon. I want to share the same process I went through to get it with you today so that you can use the same method to get any products that Amazon does not ship directly to Nigeria in Nigeria.

1 – I got a cheap dell laptop from HERE
2 – After selecting the one I desired, I proceed to make payment and then choose free shipping with my US address
3 – Though I live in Nigeria, I secure my own personal US Mailing Address from My Us. If you need a US mailing address, you can get one HERE. After signing up, get a 1 year premium account for a flat fee of $60 and keep shopping from Amazon. You must always forward your products to your US mailing address and then later re-ship it to Nigeria. With a US mailing address you can buy products that Amazon cannot ship directly to Nigeria. Recommended: How to Get a US Address in Nigeria
4 – Finally, I made payment to Amazon via my Visa card from Zenith Bank Plc. You can visit any Zenith bank nearest to you for more information on how to get yours.

Buy From Amazon

You can also CLICK HERE to search all products on Amazon.

P.s – Shopping on Amazon is cheap and convenient.

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  1. Opeyemi says:

    Sir I want ship a book from Amazon to Nigeria am trying to ship it here telling me payment declined what does that mean bro??pls give me ur whatSapp number or bbm pin

  2. Thanks for this wonderful info. pls I want to ask a question. Is it possible for one to use your us address to buy and ship down to Nigeria?

  3. Hi Bro, Nice post.
    Pls i want to confirm. If i buy a phone from amazon, how do i know that it is gsm and not cdma as i hear most of the phones in usa are customized and are mostly CDMAs.
    Cos i am afraid of buying a phone from amazon and will not be able to use it here in nigeria

  4. plz I want to purchase an invisible ear piece from Amazone how do I get it through u. or is there any other site I can purchase it direct to Nigeria ?

  5. adeiza muhammed says:

    Nice explanation. Wanna ask about something. I have a brother in USA and I ask him to get a laptop for me from amazon. Please if it has been delivered to him, which company is good for shipping.

  6. Hi,please i want to buy a book on i need to open a MyUS a/c or will amazon ship the book directly to me here in Nigeria.

  7. Pls, i want to know whether ships laptops and mobile phones direct to nigeria; and if not, how do i buy from them from nigeria. Pls sir urgent response needed, thanxx.

  8. Pls is there any other reliable web site I can get a UK quality clothes in China or other countries? At a cheap rate ooo

  9. Thanks for your great tips. If the product is sent to the address I created at myUS, when it is delivered, who receives it and who does the shipping for me. Thanks a lot bro

  10. Khalifa hassan says:

    can they bring the goods before giving them money

  11. Well done Sir, I really gain from ur post and ideas. Please I just want to ask, for instance if I buy a galaxy note 3 from amazon sending it to myus address and then send to Nigeria via FedEx or DHL, my question is, will all the money I spend still more or Less compare to when I buy the galaxy note 3 in Nigeria,will there be any difference in price? Thank you.

  12. please, how many time dose one pay for shipment in after paying $60 openning ones virtual mail dose one also pay again to any other money for the 2nd time for the goods to be shipped to ones address in nigeria?

  13. what in a situation where i send it to one of my relative addres in us. Can dat method works.

  14. I want to get Amino3000 drug, how do I pay and get it delivered to me in Benin city, I have Ecobank card.

  15. Halloz, can amazon ship drugs 2 nigeria?

  16. Please I want to purchase some movies from amazon,do I need to create the us mailing address before I do that or can I simply fill in my Nigerian address and will I receive it?

  17. Chinyere Kolawole says:

    Pls I need a book currently sold in Amazon. How do I order to my address in Nigeria and how long will it take?

  18. Olasupo peter says:

    @ olusegun, kindly give m d address of store/warehouse of hp laptop in nigeria

  19. Olasupo peter says:

    Pls send 2 my email d adress of hp laptop and acer. Thanks

  20. Can Amazon send orders like books and cds to a po box in Nigeria?

  21. can i order with my first bank atm card to a friend in usa?

  22. Thanks for these details, Segun.

    Do you have any idea how much ebay charges for shipping things like DVD to Nigeria?

  23. Very good job. pls explain well how amazon and myus are connected to succeed in your order

    • @jman, since Amazon doesn’t ship electronics to Nigeria currently, MYUS issues a virtual US address for you to receive your order from Amazon. MYUS finally send the product from US to your real address in Nigeria.

  24. olderandolder says:

    why MyUS asks for set up fee, I am not a frequent buyer of Amazon from US. I came across a similar service that does not ask for membership fee, it is USGoBuy, how do you think about this one, is USGoBuy the same reliable as MYUS?

  25. I am a graduate without job 4 3yrs. I came across this online and interested to be buying product from Amazon to nigeria for resell expecially phone and its accessories.Pls I need ur advice is it profitable to after paying all the shipping or if there is any reliable let me know. thank U.

  26. Abeg, wat cn i do, i bought a bb of $29.98 nd myus is askin me 2 pay $60.15 for shipmnt. I dnt dat amount of money. Wat ll happen 2 my fone. @olusegun, pls help me, wat cn i do????

  27. Sir Felix O says:

    Thanks Olu, your post was well educating but i have a question:
    who does the re-shipping from the US mailing address to Nigeria?

  28. Chibuzor says:

    So oga, how about using a naija p.o box? Can the item purchased be shipped from my US mailing address to my naija p.o box rather than going through courier in naija? Thanks.

  29. christian says:

    i came across your post,how nigerians buy from amazon.
    My question is,are you guaranteed if you want to buy a used phone from amazon.

  30. Awojana Lekke says:

    Are the goods shipped at airport or where will the consumer claim it. Does the USA shipping company have shipping centre in nigeria

  31. thanks for d info. But clarify som more. My street and house is not numbered and so its not easy to locate by mail only. The description will be verbose and wordy and akward. Is it safe to resort to nipost mail box for somthg like laptop and gadgets? 2. Whats d full cost breakdown for buyg and gettg an item shipped. My understandg is: a) buy from amzn pay by debit/credit card b) ship to myus mail box c) myus ships to me. Charges shippg fee. 3.) can ecobank card wrk? I bank with ecobank and want to use a card attached to a dorm account which is cheaper than zenith’s option.

    • @kzone, try and use an address where you can be reached easily. You can use a friend’s house or you church address. The full cost includes the item cost and shipping cost, which you have to calculate yourself. I haven’t tried Ecobank card before, you can give it a trial, you’ve got nothing to lose for trying.

  32. Segun, one thing i don’t understand about amazon to myus address is this, if i get myus address, do i need to register it on amazon, and if my amazon shipping address is us will they accept my naira mastercard for payment? for me i have opened amazon account with nigeria address already, can i replace it with myus address ? or do we go through myus to buy goods from amazon ? many questions here but all important to me man.

  33. Tolulope says:

    pls elaborate more on that amazon shipped to nigeria…..especially on Us mailing address….how Is it done convinently to reship from Us mailing address to nigeria.thnks

    • @Tolulope, shipping for the US address is quite easy. You only have to go to the US mailing address provider website to request for the products shipped to your virtual address. However, you have to pay for shipping.

  34. Must i have a registered website apart from my blog before i do google adsense ?

  35. If i’m to use, do i still need to open paypal account ?

  36. If amazon ships to US address, how do you divert the product to Nigeria? You might need to contact US post office and leave a forwarding address, pls clarify.

  37. I’ve done a lot of research about this company & i’ve been seeing a lot of negative comments about their services jst want 2 knw wat ur experience wit dem was.

  38. Interesting article. Qq? After making the purchases online and getting it sent to your MyUS addy to be shipped to Nigeria, do they just get it to the port or it comes to your physical address in Nigeria?
    Who handles the clearing and demurrage – if any?

  39. how do I create my shipping address

  40. Thus china import to Nigeria directly??

  41. hello, in registration they request for VAT/TAX ID,what should i type there. Which us mail address can i use give me clue. Lastly can i use the mail on aliepress or any other website. Get to me soon thank

  42. Dear Admin

    Do you have ideas on-
    American airsea cargo?
    Please are they reliable?

  43. Using your prescribed method I want to buy from another website named at the payment option i chose Credit card and they asked me to feed my credit card detail. The Billing address seem to get me off balance. what address should i type? is it the billing address on my card or my new address? Your quick response will be appreciated. Thank you.

  44. ogbonnaya says:

    please I need your help, I want to start importing men’s singlet 3 in 1 pack from China. how do I go abt it.

  45. @admin.Thank u sir.were do you advise i buy hp laptop for commercial sale?

  46. @admin.aliexpress does not have good laptop product like dell and hp.what do i do,to get this product?

    • @Amechi, Amazon is the best place to get laptops like Dell, HP and the rest. I won’t advice you to buy laptops from Amazon for commercial purposes because of the charges involved.

  47. For people who want to do laptop importation business,will they still make profit after paying myus for courier and address?i guess no do i reduce cost?

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