WAEC Latest Syllabus By Subject 2014

Last year, around one million students who sat for West African Examination Council (WAEC) failed. This problem of massive failure of student in West African Examination Council (WAEC) has been a major concern for government and society.
The cause of this massive failure in WAEC can be attributed to some student that lack strong reading spirit. Most of the student attempting WAEC depends on expo. In my area of residence, I see student searching everywhere including the internet for expos before the exam day. Most students believe that there is no need for them to spend time on intensive reading and preparation. 
The Head of National Office, West African Examination Council (WAEC) says the cause of massive failure in WAEC can be attributed to some candidate’s lack of knowledge of common pitfalls, coupled with inadequate coverage of syllabus and non-familiarity with test format.
Today, I want to give out the download link to various WAEC syllabus by subject. 

WAEC syllabus serves as a guideline when you are getting set for you examination. It lets you know the areas you should concentrate on and each sub-topics in the general topic. These links are working properly.

Click on each subject to download their Syllabus. If you want the syllabus of any subject not listed here, go to www.myschoolgist.com WAEC Syllabus Page to request.

 For more info and question, use the comment box.

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  1. Please how are books registered to be used by WAEC students

  2. if you answer 3 questions in waec financial account theory will you still pass

  3. Pls what about physic and the newly introduced subject data processing or is it the same as computer

  4. My phone did not have pdf….pls what can i do

  5. Darko Agyei Bonsu says:

    Good work done as I pray the good Lord to grant you good health and long life so that you can be of benefit to future generation.
    There is no link leading to the download of the Integrated Science(Core Science) syllabus. Can you upload it for us to download?
    Thanks once again for the good work done.

  6. How can i get the waec syllabus?have tried getting it but it seems impossible help me waec admin thank u…

  7. Chrislove says:

    Sir i hope this is really up to date and gonna work for us

  8. Sir, thanks for ur effort in reducing number of failure in waec. Pls are these are for 2014 waec becos i av downloaded all

  9. Tnx sir 4 dt nc job. Pls, i need a computer studies waec past question & syllabus if available.

  10. Mohamed sheriff says:

    Is there any provision for student who stays overseas to take the WASSCE online?

  11. Anonymous says:

    You’re doing a great work. God bless you. From Divine

  12. Pls when áre u starting 2012/2013 ssce

  13. Anonymous says:

    please could you help me with the BECE WAEC syllabus.

  14. chibuike ferdinand says:

    Anything like exam expo for live answers pls

  15. Pls, when is 2013 waec/neco registration starting

  16. Anonymous says:

    Good effort. Do more.

  17. @Fabtosin, the links are working with no error.

    @Bridget, check the 2nd Literature in English syllabus.

  18. Bridget says:

    Pls can you help? The texts for Literature in English are showing 2003 – 2005? What about the ones for this year? Thank you.

    - Bridget

  19. Fabtosin says:

    Kudos to u, but d page cannot be found.

  20. All the links are now working properly.

  21. Timothy Omoro says:

    Please the links to download the syllabus is not active. Is there any web site to read/view them online? Please i need them anxiously. I'm

  22. Anonymous says:

    wen can nov/dec waec result comes out

  23. The WAEC syllabus is not downloading. It says page not found. Pls what can I do? Ibijokeolowosoyo@yahoo.com

  24. Swaglord says:

    Pls wat is rong wit d site i cnt download waec syllabus

  25. @ All, the website to download the WAEC syllabus is temporary down but will be restored back very soon. But you can start Visit WAEC E-Learning Websiteto get your self equipped. If every candidate can go through the WAEC E-Learning Website am sure the number of failures in WAEC will be minimal.

  26. Anonymous says:

    the links are not working

  27. Anonymous says:

    where is elective ict syllabus

  28. Jide johnson says:

    Pls d sylabus can’t download and we need it,pls 4 God sake

  29. 9ja IT Professionals says:

    Admin, please all the links to d sylabusses are not working…pls do something about it…i bragged about our exam body WAEC to a colleage of mine in UK, he was very disappointed as I looked stupid when he said NIGERIA's INCOMPETENCE to deliver or manage projects will forever score A1….PLS help change his orientation abt waec and Nigeria as a whole.
    Make those links work

  30. I wish all de exerminer successfully

  31. Salihu isah says:

    Thanx 4 all information,if @ all student who are preparing 4 waec or any related exams would get this piece, more credit passes would be recorded.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Thanks very much dis has been useful but it doesn't have a reccommend textbook

  33. @Anonymous, something is presently wrong with WAEC server, you just have to try it later.

  34. Anonymous says:

    how do i download the sylabus

  35. Anonymous says:

    i cant download the syllabus wat do i do?

  36. @Anonymous, If your mobile phone can not download it, may be you should use an internet enabled computer.

  37. Anonymous says:

    i can’t download, pls tel me wat to do Godwin.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Tanks for ur asistant.

  39. @Anonymous Search Google.com for the type of PDF reader that will best fit your phone.

  40. The syllabus above is in PDF format. If you want to read it on phone, download a PDF reader for mobile phone online.

    @Anonymous, Make sure your o’level result must be ready before the school of your choice start admission process.

    @Anonymous, Click on each subject to download their syllabus.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Sir pls u can help in knowing where to download the syllabus

  42. Anonymous says:

    i hv nt written waec, am nt sure if d skl i choose use awaitin result

  43. Anonymous says:

    y is it dat i can’t download d syllabus on my fone

  44. Omosebi adedoyin says:

    Nyc work…nw i kw wr 2 start 4rm

  45. @All, the links are now working properly.

  46. I appreciate your effort sir…but then syllabus seems not to work for me…it is saying page cannot be found…i need an online syllabus

  47. thanks a lot i beleive that

  48. D' Saint 1893 says:

    please d links are not openning, it’s saying “the page cannot be found”

    pls is there any other posible way?
    i really want this syllabus
    …..although not working for me, i still appriatiate your effort.

  49. sunday john says:

    thank for your good work

  50. Thanks man. Kudos.

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