Internet Bundle Subscription Codes for Nigeria Networks 2013

Today, I want to share some major network internet browsing bundles in Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, Etisalat & Glo). You need to activate an internet bundle for your internet browsing to enjoy cost effective internet. If you are not using internet bundles for your internet browsing, you will be charge on pay as you browse basis. Browsing the internet on pay as you browse basis is expensive, using an internet bundle is recommended and the best.

Internet Subscription Code in Nigeria


In Nigeria, there are two forms of activation for internet browsing bundles. The two forms are via USSD and via SMS methods. We provide some information on Internet subscription codes offered by networks in Nigeria. To make it more useful and easier, we have also supplied the price and data limit of each subscription code, you will also find the information on how to check your remaining data balance.

In this post, we shall focus on GSM networks subscription codes. GSM networks made their browsing codes public unlike CDMA network.

Glo Internet Subscription Codes:
GLO internet subscription can be done in two forms i.e. it can be done via USSD and SMS. Below are the details of GLO internet subscription code.

Name & Size Data Plan Details Bundle Price Subscription Code
Glo 200MB Always Micro
(30 days)
N1,000 SMS 53 to 127
Glo 6GB Always Max 
(30 days)
N7,500 SMS 12 to 127
Glo 1GB Always Macro 
(30 days)
N3,000 SMS 54 to 127
Glo 3GB Always Min 
(30 days)
N5,000 SMS 11 to 127
Glo 10GB Silver Plan 
(30 days)
N10,000 dial *127*11#
Glo 15GB Gold Plan 
(30 days)
N15,000 dial *127*12#
Glo 20GB Platinium 
(30 days)
N18,000 dial *127*13#
Glo G300 300 hours internet bundle N15,000 (4GB data limit) SMS 21 to 127
Glo G100 (100 hours internet bundle) N6,000 (3GB data limit) SMS 20 to 127
Glo G Work
(8am – 9pm)
N6,000 (3GB data limit) SMS 31 to 127
Glo G Leisure 
(8pm – 9am + all day weekend)
N5,000 (3GB limit) SMS 30 to 127
Glo Always Day 
(24 hours)
(150MB data limit) SMS 10 to 127

To check your data balance, SMS info to 127. 

MTN Internet Subscription Codes:
MTN subscription code is done via SMS only. Below are the details of MTN internet subscription code.

Subscription Name Data Size & Limit Data Price & Subsription code
MTN Monthly for mobile 100MB (24/7 30 days) N1000 (SMS 106 to 131)
MTN Daily for mobile 10MB (24 hours) N100 (SMS 104 to 131)
MTN Weekly for mobile 25MB (24/7, 7 days) N400 (SMS 105 to 131)
MTN Daily Internet 150MB (24 hours) N500 (SMS 103 to 131)
MTN Monthly Internet 5GB (24/7, 30 days) N8,000 (SMS 101 to 131)
MTN Day Time Internet 3GB (9am – 9pm, 30 days) N6,000 (SMS 107 to 131)
MTN Night Internet 3GB (9pm – 6am, 30 days) N2,500 (SMS 102 to 131)
MTN Weekend 3GB (9am Fri – 9pm Mon, 30 days) N3,000 (SMS 108 to 131)

To check your data balance, SMS 2 to 131.

AIRTEL Internet Subscription Codes:
Airtel internet subscription is done via USSD. Below are the details of AIRTEL internet subscription code.

Subscription Name Data Size & Limit  Subscription Code & Data Price
Airtel Smartphone 1GB, 30 days,24/7 *141*712*10# – N3,000
Airtel Plus 3GB, 30 days,24/7 *141*712*1# – N5,000
Airtel Max 5GB, 30 days,24/7 *141*712*2# – N8,000
Airtel Premium 10GB, 30 days,24/7 *141*712*5# – N15,000
Airtel Lite 200MB, 30 days,24/7 *141*712*4# – N1,000
Airtel Night 3GB, 30 days *141*712*7# – N2,500
Airtel Weekend 3GB, weekends *141*712*8# – N3,000
Airtel Weekly 25MB, 7 days,24/7 *141*712*9# – N400
Airtel Daily 10MB, 24 hours *141*712*11# – N100
Airtel Day 150MB, 24 hours *141*712*3# – N500

To check your data balance, dial *141*712*0#.

Etislat Internet Subscription Codes:
ETISALAT internet subscription is done via USSD. Below are the details of Etisalat internet subscription code.

Subscription Name Data Size & Limit Subscription Code & Data Price
Etisalat Daily 10MB,24 hours *229*3*1# – N100
Etisalat Weekly 5OMB,7days,24/7 *229*3*4# – N500
Etisalat 200MB 200MB (30 days) *229*2*1# – N1,000
Etisalat 500MB 500MB (30 days) *229*2*2# – N2,000
Etisalat 1.5GB 1.5GB (30 days) *229*2*4# – N4,000
Etisalat 3GB 3GB (30 days) *229*2*3# – N6,500
Etisalat 6GB 6GB (30 days) *229*2*5# – N8,000
Etisalat Night & Weekends Night & Weekends Browsing (30 days *229*3*3# – N5,000

To check your data balance, dial *228#.

You can also notify us of activation codes for internet browsing bundles for other networks not included here.

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