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META tags are the most popular HTML tags that describe the contents of a webpage and tell the search engines what your blog or website is all about. Meta tags allow search engines to index your web pages more accurately, it also communicate with the search engines and tells more information about your site and make it index your site more accurately and correctly.


A Mata Tag generator tool has been created to assist bloggers and webmasters to create important tags within a second without any knowledge of SEO. Below is the Meta tag creator tool with the meaning of each terms, all you have to generate your Meta Tag is to fill the form and hit the “Create Meta tags” button and paste the results in your blog or website HTML page header i.e. between the <head> and closing </head> tag.

Meta Tag Generator Tool

Meaning of Meta Description:

Meta Tag description describes a blog or website in max 150 characters; it contains your site description. You can make use of the Character Counting Tools to count your site description characters. An example of Meta tag description is:

A useful blog with information on how to make money online, blogging tips, social media, techie info, and all you need to know about the internet.

Meaning of Meta Keywords:

Meta Keywords is the list of keywords and terms related to your site. These terms must be separated by comma. You’re advised to choose few but smart keywords that may reflect the overall content of your blog.

Meaning of Meta Author:

The Author Meta Tag is used to insert the name of the webmaster or blogger.

Meaning of Meta Robot:

The Robots Meta Tag is used to tell search engines whether to index and/or crawl a page or not.

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