JAMB To Approve Cybercafés & Business Centres For 2012 UTME Registration

This year JAMB UTME exam will take another dimension. Before any cybercafé or business centre can handle the registration of 2012 UTME exam, the cybercafé or business centre must register and be approved by JAMB. Since JAMB has commenced its operation in Nigeria, they haven’t come up with the idea of approving cybercafé and business centres that will handle the registration of candidates for the exam. According to the examination board, only business centres and cybercafés approved by the board will be allowed to handle the registration.

JAMB made this move to curb the high amount these centres and cafes charge student for registration of the exam. They also want to ensure that all these centres are well equipped to handle the registration without any hassle. JAMB has made it known to the public that the registration fee must not exceed N700 (seven hundred naira) for full registration and printing of 2 copies of the registration slip. The best aspect is that JAMB has authorized candidates to report any centre or café that charges above the specified amount by JAMB and centres that are not well equipped. All report should be forwarded to JAMB office nearest to you.


All candidates are hereby warned to be vigilant and watch out for approved business centres and cybercafés only. Candidates are to check the list of approved centres and cafés on jamb website. All you have to do to get the list of approved centres in your state is by selecting your state, after the selection, you will be shown the list of approved registration centres and cybercafés in your location. The list of approved centres will be updated on JAMB website every day. Click here to check the list of approved business centres and cybercafés.

Finally, my advice to all student that are willing to participate in 2012 UTME exam is to wait till next year before they apply, by then, there will be enough centres and cafés out there that would have been approved to handle the registration processing.

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