Tips to Get an Approved Adsense Account [Easiest Means]

Before, getting an approved Google adsense account wasn’t hard, you can set up a blog with an article on it and then apply for adsense. But now, getting an approved adsense account isn’t a joke matter, since your site/blog will go under two verification processes before you will finally get approved.


Many newbies just rush and apply for adsense after posting a plagiarize contents on their blog without reading Google policies to know what they are required to put in place before applying for Adsense, at the end, they will be disappointed with the reply from adsense team that their application cannot be approve with stipulated reason(s).

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The simple secret to getting an approved adsense account is to play the game according to Google rules. Not getting approved by adsense simply means your site/blog is violating one or more Google policies. You need to put the steps outlined below into consideration if you want you adsense account to be approved without any ado.

1. Add Proper Meta Tags

Make sure you have added the necessary Meta tags that best describe your blog before applying for adsense.

I don’t know how to write & add Meta tags: Learn & Generate Search Engines Friendly Meta Tags

2. Duplicate Content

Don’t ever copy and paste contents from the other website/blog, if you do, Google will know and this can be a stumbling block from getting adsense approval. Not that you cannot use other people’s idea, but make sure the idea is rewritten in your own understanding to make it unique. Before you apply for adsense, make sure you have written at least 50-100 quality posts

3. Custom Domain Name

Don’t ever apply for adsense with sub-domains such as Though they accept that in the old days, but now, you application will not be approve without a custom domain name. You can get a domain name from Getting a custom domain name portray you to adsense team as a serious person ready for work.

Need help! I Can Assist You to Get A Domain Name

4. Organic Traffic

Before you apply for adsense, your blog must have a reasonable amount of organic traffic. Organic traffic simply means traffic from search engines.

5. Include Pages

You need to create page for contact us, about us, privacy policy, site map and terms & condition pages. You need to do this in order to get approved..

6. Apply for Adsense

You can now apply for adsense once you know you have fulfilled step 1-5. Make sure you cross check the information you supplied during registration very well.

In conclusion, I will tell you don’t rush, just be patient, work on your blog traffic, produce quality contents (search engines love them). If truly you want adsense to approve you, don’t use any other ad network such as infolinks, chitika, etc during this time. These tips have work for so many publishers and I believe it will work for you provided you dance according to the tune.

Got any question or better tips that have worked for you? Don’t hesitate to use the comment box below.

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  1. Yeah… I now have visible ads.. Waiting for my pin.. Thanks!

  2. Thanks a lot… Can’t wait to apply for it. Please check if i am missing anything

  3. Seuncoded says:

    Please admin review my site did i qualified for google adsense

  4. Davys chukwu says:

    hw cn i star ma own blog site?

  5. Thanks so much
    I followed ur tips as am typing now I have been offered provisional approval after being rejected up to four times, ds the message

    “Your AdSense for content application is still under review. You will only see blank ads until your account has been fully approved or disapproved”

    thanks Cos ur post made this possible,now my question is what can I do now to get finall aproval?

  6. where can i learn how to add terms & condition pages to blog

  7. Wow! Where was i when you wrote this article? Its so good and so helpful thanks so much and i must commend your site loads faster on mobile have been reading a couple of your articles since and its realy great!

  8. Please admins, i need help on how to create my own blog. God bless u

  9. Agrodut Mandal says:

    A good and simple looking site has more chances to get approved for Google Adsense program. If your site having professional design you have good chance to get Google Adsense approval.

  10. @Victor Noah, you are right, thanks for the tip.

    @Prince, congratulations bro.

  11. great tips on getting adsense account approved, my one month old blog was just approved recently am waiting for their second message

  12. Akpan Ini-Fabian says:

    nice tips

  13. @Gireesh Sundaram, re-apply for adsense if your site complied with adsense policies, when re-applying, you can change your address and use another email.

    @Juliet, yes, you’re right

  14. Good tips which can also help in SEO of ones blog.

  15. This is a really helpful post for me. I have had google adsense thrice in past and got disabled.. now i have improved my site and have 600,000 alexa ranking.. now can i re apply for google adsense in my name again ?

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