High Paying Google Adsense Keywords of 2015

We all know Google Adsense is a simple low risk way for publishers to monetize their website/blog content. If you’re already a Google Adsense publisher making money from it, you will probably know the importance of keywords and keyword research.


Google Adsense is a pay per click program that you get paid each time someone clicks on the ad on your site. The amount of money you’re paid for each click varies to your content and how it relates to your keywords. To make money with Google Adsense, you need to do some keyword research and Adsense Optimization. There are thousands of articles online that can assist you with keyword research and Adsense Optimization.

Today, I have gathered some list of High Paying Adsense keywords for 2015. These leading keywords in Google Adsense program are generated using keyword research programs. Below are the lists of high paying keyword of Google Adsense:

  • Mesothelioma Law Firm (179$)
  • Donate Car to Charity California (130$
  • Donate Car for Tax Credit (126.6$)
  • Donate Cars in MA (125$)
  • Donate Your Car Sacramento (118.20$)
  • How to Donate A Car in California (111.21$)
  • Sell Annuity Payment (107.46$)
  • Donate Your Car for Kids (106$)
  • Asbestos Lawyers (105.84$)
  • Structures Annuity Settlement (100.8$)
  • Car Insurance Quotes Colorado (100.9$
  • Annuity Settlements (100.72$)
  • Nunavut Culture (99.52$)
  • Dayton Freight Lines (99.39$)
  • Hard drive Data Recovery Services (98.59$)
  • Donate a Car in Maryland (98.51$)
  • Motor Replacements (98.43$)
  • Cheap Domain Registration Hosting (98.39$)
  • Donating a Car in Maryland (98.20$)
  • Donate Cars Illinois (98.13$)
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys Florida (98$)
  • Best Criminal Lawyers in Arizona (97.93$)
  • Car Insurance Quotes Utah (97.92$)
  • Life Insurance Co Lincoln (97.07$)
  • Holland Michigan College (95.74$)
  • Online Motor Insurance Quotes (95.73$)
  • Online Colleges (95.65$)
  • Paperport Promotional Code (95.13$)
  • Online Classes (95.06$)
  • World Trade Center Footage (95.02$)
  • Massage School Dallas Texas (94.90$)
  • Psychic for Free (94.61$)
  • Donate Old Cars to Charity (94.55$)
  • Low Credit Line Credit Cards (94.49$)
  • Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys (94.33$)
  • Car Insurance Quotes MN (94.29$)
  • Donate your Car for Money (94.01$)
  • Cheap Auto Insurance in VA (93.84$)
  • Met Auto (93.70$)
  • Forensics Online Course (93.51$)
  • Home Phone Internet Bundle (93.32$)
  • Donating Used Cars to Charity (93.17$)
  • PHD on Counseling Education (92.99$)
  • Neuson (92.89$)
  • Car Insurance Quotes PA (92.88$)
  • Royalty Free Images Stock (92.76$)
  • Car Insurance in South Dakota (92.72$)
  • Email Bulk Service ($92.55$)
  • Webex Costs (92.38$)
  • Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies (92.23$)
  • Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia ($92.03$)
  • Register Free Domains (92.03$)
  • Better Conference Calls (91.44$)
  • Futuristic Architecture (91.44$)
  • Mortgage Adviser (91.29$)
  • Car Donate (88.26$)
  • Virtual Data Rooms (83.18$)
  • Online College Course (78$)
  • Automobile Accident Attorney (76.57$)
  • Auto Accident Attorney (75.64$)
  • Car Accident Lawyers (75.17$)
  • Data Recovery Raid (73.22$)
  • Criminal lawyer Miami ($70$)
  • Motor Insurance Quotes (68.61$)
  • Personal Injury Lawyers (66.53$)
  • Car Insurance Quotes (61.03$)
  • Asbestos Lung Cancer (60.96$)
  • Injury Lawyers (60.79$)
  • Personal Injury Law Firm (60.56$)
  • Online Criminal Justice Degree (60.4$)
  • Car Insurance Companies (58.66$)
  • Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting (53$)
  • Insurance Companies (52$)
  • Business VOIP Solutions (51.9$)
  • Auto Mobile Insurance Quote (50$)
  • Auto Mobile Shipping Quote (50$)
  • Health Records, Personal Health Record 40$
  • Online Stock Trading (35$)
  • Forex Trading Platform (20$)

The top keyword on the list above worth almost a hundred dollars, so it will be good if you can choose keywords related to your niche, write good content and increase your earnings with Google Adsense.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I also listed Top 40 High Paying Keywords for Google Adsense in MAY 2015. Read this: http://www.easywaytomake.com/high-paying-keywords-for-adsense/

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  7. These are great keywords. Maybe they are high paying because it needs lots of information and in needs of legal knowledge especially when talking about dui lawyer san diego.

  8. It’s great to know that the keyword los angeles car accident attorney still ranks fairly well in that list. As with all the others that I believe would be worth some bloggers’ efforts.

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  10. Google Adsense is no doubt a good way to monetize your site. Problem is they sometimes ban publishers who suddenly made a lot of earnings in Adsense and accuse them of click fraud and other reasons without doing some serious investigations. We find this very unfair.

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  15. There are somethings Google will put into consideration before they pay you. Those things are; the location where the click was made, where the person that made the click came from. The amount you will receive from a person that came from Google search engine will differ to the person that come from social networking site like Facebook.

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