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I have plan to give out this software that can be use to unlock any usb modems free of charge. This software worth more that a thousand naira, but I will be giving it out free without paying a kobo. This software can unlock HUAWEI MODEMS, ZTE MODEMS, LG MODEMS, NOKIA MODEMS, VK MODEMS.

You can now unlock your Glo Bolt, MTN Huawei E303 and other Huawei modems that have an IMEI that begins with 80’s by following our tutorial on the Huawei E303 Unlocking Tutorial Page.


Can I Request For This Software Even If I Don’t Own A Computer?
Yes you can have this software save in your e-mail inbox till when you will get a computer. You can likewise use it in a café whenever you need to unlock modems.

Can I Make Money With This?
Yes, you can make money with this software. You can sell this software, and you can also unlock modems for people both online and offline.

To get this software, visit

If you need to unlock any modems you are having problems with, and if you have any question to ask, use the comment box.

Get Free ZTE Modems Unlocker Software

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