Best Data Plan to Use on Android

Since the advent of BBM on Android, I have been receiving tons of mails from some of this blog readers regarding the kind of ISP they can use with their Android devices.


Update: Airtel Introduces Data Bundles for Android Devices. You can now enjoy browsing on Android the way you like it.

The simple truth is that Android works with any data plans. It is not like Blackberry that you have to subscribe to some kinds of data plans. On BlackBerry, you only enjoy what you paid for. But Android, all kind of data plans works.

However, some internet providers BlackBerry subscription plans don’t work on Android.

 I have seen cases where people subscribe for the normal data plans that cost N1,000 for 100-200mb to browse on their Android devices.

I won’t advice anybody to pay as much as N1,000 for a mere 100-200mb worth of data when they can actually get 1gb or more for that same value of money.

When it comes to browsing, Airtel is my favourite. The reason why I choose Airtel over other networks was because they have cheap BlackBerry plans and they work fine on any Android devices without any configuration or technical work involved.

With N1,200 on Airtel, you will get 1gb worth of data. With N1,500, you can get up to 2gb of data. With N100, you can get up to 80mb of data. The list goes on like that.

Before you proceed, check:

Check any of the links above for the full subscription codes.

You won’t regret using Airtel on you Android device. You will have enough data to update your apps, download more apps and files.

Do you know any other network subscription plans that work on Android devices better than Airtel? If yes, don’t hesitate to drop it in the comments section below. Let us help ourselves.

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