Tutorial: Do You Know What All Those Emojis You See Near Your Snapchat Friends Mean?

Do you know the meaning of these emojis thAt appear near your snapchat friends?

Critically examine each emoji as they carry a particular meaning.

This individual is obviously your #1 closest friend you. More snaps are transferred to them than anybody and they return more snaps to you than anybody.

this individual has been your #1 closest friend for straight two weeks

this individual has been your #1 closest friend for straight two months.

this individual is amongst your closest friend. For someone to be this close to you, you ought to constantly transfer more snaps to them

the fire emoji is oftentimes seen with a number. It represent the number of straight days you transfer snaps to them and they have transferred to you. This is termed “snapstreak”

the snapstreak ends only if you fail to transfer a snap within a four hours interval.

you are both close friends with the same individual, but you are not closest friends

your #1 closest friend is their #1 closest friend also.

So you how have a better idea of the interpretation of those snapchat emojis for a more enjoyable snapchat experience.

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