Sort Codes of All Banks in Nigeria

Sort code is a nine digits number that identifies a specific branch of a bank. The first three digits are the bank’s standard code, the next digit is the location of the bank and the last five digits are for the bank branch.

Sort Code

For people that does fund transfer from one bank to another (whether inter or intra bank transfer), sort code would be required whenever such services is to be executed. Sort code helps in determining the source of an account i.e. the branch and location of an account number where funds needs to be directed especially whenever e-payments is to be carried out.

Current account holders can find their bank branch sort code on their cheque leaf. It is the middle setoff characters printed on the MICR of every single leaf on a cheque book.

Today, I want to share the sort code of all Banks in Nigeria. The sort code can be downloaded from HERE. Thanks to Zenith Bank for providing this information.

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