LG G4 Leaked Photos and Specs

Lately LG has been doing well in the tech market (I mean really well). They even made the first double edge curved display: after Samsung released the Note 4 edge. Remember these?


LG-G4-leak-6 note_edge 

Now they are back with the G4. Now these images are “leaked” images so they might as well just be prototypes or something someone photoshopped or on the other hand, it might be the real thing.

The leaked specs are as follows

  • a 3000mAh battery (replacable)
  • a microSD slot
  • a 5.5 inch quad HD display
  • A leather back

Now as I said, these are leaked specs, so the real thing might be a little different from what you’ve seen here.


 Don’t forget to share this post with friends, let them see what the G4 might look like. For those of you that might be interested in buying the G4, I’ll be on the look out for the release and shipping dates and the prices, also the full specs when it is released officially.

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