How To: How to Refresh the Content in the App Store by Clearing the Cache

Has it possibly crept to your notice that you possibly are not seeing new apps on the App Store, or it may be the case of updates to apps not going away even after you’ve have finished installing the updates? Here is a quick trick on how to resolve that problem.

Refresh your App Store by clearing cache

Despite the practical reality that the App Store is far from being a web page, it happens that its caches data yet loads faster, in close fashion to that of a web page. Sometimes to have the latest most up-to-date apps and updates in the App Store, you could need to clear the cache in the App Store . Here we bring you a quick built-in means to take to clear the App Store cache–though it is not too apparent.

To clear the App Store cache, first start by tapping the “App Store” icon on your Home screen.

Refresh your App Store by clearing cache

Tap ten times on any one of the buttons on the toolbar which you could see at the bottom of the App Store screen (this are Featured, Top Charts, Search, Explore or Updates).

Refresh your App Store by clearing cache

The App Store now empties its cache, reloading with everything current and updated. Did you notice we have updates available now.

Refresh your App Store by clearing cache

With this quick knowledge, the moment the App Store behaves quite strangely and doesn’t show you current, up-to-date information, try the option of clearing the cache. Although this may not work every time (especially if the App Store is experiencing technical hitches or is down), but then in majority of the cases this will resolve it outrightly.


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