Chromecast App now renamed as Google Cast officially

Google is taking a slightly different turn as it goes about renaming the Chromecast App to “Google Cast app”.

Chromecast App now renamed as Google Cast officially

Chromecast App now renamed as Google Cast officially


The announcement is presented in company of the announcement of Vizio TVs and speakers which both have Google Cast built in. Most fundamentally, we are now at the junction where such a lot of products have Casting built in that aren’t the Chromecast, such that its makes little or no sense having “Chrome” in the app’s name.

You could say the Google Cast doesn’t really has the smooth sound as Chromecast, but then you will agree it is a much clearer title which gives an intro into what the app basically connotes which most generally is about assisting anyone with a Google Cast-enabled product to locate stuff to listen to or probably watch.

At present, it doesn’t seem the app had been updated in either Google’s Play Store or even the Apple’s App Store but from reading from the look of things, it is very likely we will be seeing a change in this week to come.

So, should you be wondering what might have transpired with the Chromecast icon in your app drawer, nothing much, just check under “G” and you will find it.

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