Free OCR Software To Easily Convert Images Into Text


Converting scanned images to text is easy with the help of OCR software. You no longer need to stress yourself with re-writing/re-typing texts you snapped with your mobile camera or scanned with a scanner, you can use OCR software to extracts all the information from the image into easily editable … Continue Reading →

Download Firefox 21.0 – Features Inclusive

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Mozilla Inc. recently releases the much awaited Firefox 21.0. This new version of Firefox will provide more privacy, swiftness to the users through its new features. It is an awesome browser every internet users will love to have on their computer for more advanced browsing. It comes with … Continue Reading →

How to Create Shutdown Shortcut for Windows 8 PC

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Windows 8 is currently the latest Windows OS. Since the inception of Windows 8, users have been searching for easy means to get acquainted with the OS. In order to make Windows 8 easier for users, I have written some articles like: Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts, Top 5 Free Antivirus Program for … Continue Reading →

How to Use WhatsApp Messenger on Personal Computer

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In my recent publications, I shared the list of Phones that are Compatible with WhatsApp and the Link to Download WhatsApp Messenger on Phones. Today, I want to share how WhatsApp Messenger can also be used on PC. As a matter of fact, WhatsApp is being used by millions of users daily all over the … Continue Reading →

Best Tools to Convert PDF to Word (.doc), Txt, Image, HTML, etc

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In my recent publication, I posted a tutorial on how Microsoft Word 2013 can be used to Edit PDF. After the publication, some loyal readers of this blog, contacted me via the contact us page, demanding for another alternative to convert PDF to Word without actually using Office 2013, as most … Continue Reading →

How to Edit PDF Files in Microsoft Word 2013

Recently, I was searching for a research work online, so I found a journal in PDF format , and I wish to edit it, to add and remove some text from the journal, but with the help of the latest Microsoft Office 2013, I was able to make all necessary changes and then save it back to PDF. Today, many … Continue Reading →

How to Fix Any Computer | Windows, Mac, Linux

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Almost all household have computers, people often use the machine for different purposes. I have friends that only use it to play games, some use it as their companion at school to solve assignments, and so on. People own computers for so many reasons, which are known to them. Today, when I was … Continue Reading →

Re-Enable Missing Hibernate Option in Windows Vista

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For users still using the Windows Vista OS on their computer, at times, you might noticed that your computer hibernate option is missing, after using the disk cleanup wizard which tends to remove the hibernate files. At times, missing/hidden hibernation option in Windows Vista might not be caused by … Continue Reading →