You and Your Credit/Debit Card

credit card

Credit/Debit card is now becoming important both online and offline. Hardly will you make a transaction online without having one. As a matter of fact, I see so many people dangling their credit/debit card everywhere even when they have money on it. I'm so strict with my credit and debit cards … Continue Reading →

Useful Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know


If you want to be successful as a student, you need not limit yourself to your teachers teachings. You have to learn beyond your teachers' horizon. Google is an essential tool that you would find useful to amass knowledge online from various sources for free. As a matter of fact, everybody uses … Continue Reading →

How to Securely Share Your Email Address on Web Pages

share email address

In one of my recent publications, I shared some Safe Ways to Share Email Address Online. Some members of this blog commented that the methods outlined were useful. Today, I want to share how Bloggers/Webmasters can securely share and hide their email address on their web page(s). The main reason … Continue Reading →

Bank Account Upgrade Online Scam: Internet Banking Security Tips

internet banking fraud

For the past 2-3 years, I hardly see a week I don't receive a message in my spam folder requiring me to 'upgrade'. Meaning that I should enter some personal information such as my ATM Card number, expiry date, CCV, PIN and the rest to upgrade and reconfirm my online banking account details. The … Continue Reading →

GTBank Token: Benefits, Features & How to Get It


In my recent publication, I explained the steps on how to purchase airtime from GTbank Internet Banking. During the process, I get to a point where I mentioned  that some numbers need to be generated from a token to perfect the transaction. Today, I want to share the process, benefits, features and … Continue Reading →

How to Purchase Airtime on GTBank Internet Banking


To me, GTBank is the best banking institution in Nigeria in respect to the services they offer their customers. Recently I created a post where I shared the List of Websites That Accept Nigerian MasterCards and Visa Cards after the post, I requested for other shoppers contribution to the list. My … Continue Reading →

List of Websites That Accept Nigerian MasterCards and Visa Cards


 Yesterday, I shared a post that GTB Naira MasterCard is allowed on After the publication of the post, some exclusive readers of this blog mailed me and requested for other online outlets that accept Nigerian debit/credit cards worldwide. Answering the question about online … Continue Reading →

GTB Naira MasterCard Works on Aliexpress.Com

GTB Naira MasterCard

Couple of months ago, some readers of this blog requested for the means to buy goods from I answered them by publishing a post titled the best card to shop online from Nigeria. The name of the card is UBA Africard. I even proceeded to writing about how to get the UBA Africard from … Continue Reading →