Useful Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know


If you want to be successful as a student, you need not limit yourself to your teachers teachings. You have to learn beyond your teachers' horizon. Google is an essential tool that you would find useful to amass knowledge online from various sources for free. As a matter of fact, everybody uses … Continue Reading →

Get Your Personal Password Generator

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Recently, I shared some informative posts on password security like: How to Check if your Password is Hackable [infographic] & Easy Means to Create Unique, Memorable and Secure Passwords. Using your birthday date/your name/dictionary word/kids name/qwerty/1234 and etc. as your password will … Continue Reading →

How to Use Google to Solve Simple & Complicated Mathematics

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I’m a very lazy students, I love doing things easily without undergoing unnecessary stress. My co-friends called me smart, because I take the easy route most time and come out excellently. Google is my good friend, and the secret of my smartness. For every student to have outstanding results, Google … Continue Reading →

See Value of Password Hidden Behind Asterisks/Stars (*)

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Whenever you want to enter password on any browser, asterisks (*) will appear. This happens so that people around won’t see the password entered, in short, it helps to secure accounts passwords. At times, you might forget the password to one of your account, but luckily for you, your browser has … Continue Reading →

Write your Name/Lover’s Name in Heart Shape

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I love to impress my friends on all the social networking sites I registered with, by making some false impressions appear real to them. Facebook for instance, I update some funny statuses using this funny Facebook Status Generator. I update my status via any device name I wish, and I even use via … Continue Reading →

How to Hide any Drive With Command (cmd) Prompt in Windows

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Mostly, all computer users have some important files on their computers which they don’t want any third party to have access to due to privacy and some other factors. Although, there are hundreds of software available in the market to encrypt/hide our files, but most of the programs are paid and the … Continue Reading →

How to Compress Huge PDF Files to Smaller Size

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Are you having any PDF (Portable Document Format) file you wish to send as an attachment via email to friends or anyone but you were discourage/unable to send it due to the large size the file(s) possess. In this case, trying to compress/shrink the PDF file(s) will be the best solution to have the … Continue Reading →

Skip Download Waiting Time in Rapidshare & Other File Hosting Sites

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Most downloadable stuffs on the internet are always hosted on file hosting websites such as Rapidshare, 4shared, Mediafire, Sharebee, DepositFiles, Uploaded, zShare, Link-protector, Sendspace, Divshare, Linkbucks and others. The most annoying thing about majority of all hosting website is the … Continue Reading →