List of Top 21 Richest Individuals in Nigeria 2013 by Forbes


The list of top rich Nigerians was recently released by Forbes. The list contains 21 Nigerians who are all male. Forbes explained that the ranking was based on the value of shares held by the individuals in quoted companies, size and market share of their companies, number of companies they own … Continue Reading →

Nigeria, 18 Others Not Eligible in the 2015 US DV lottery


The United States Department of State announced that Nigerians and citizens of from few other countries are not eligible to participate in the DV-2015. The countries that are not eligible to participate are Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland-born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, … Continue Reading →

List Of Top-Earning US Celebs Under 30

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On the Monday 22nd of July, forbes released the list of top-earning celebrities under 30. The calculation was based on their earnings between June 2012 and June 2013.Lady Gaga topped the list despite the hip surgery she underwent this year. Her earnings alone put her at the top of this list. Forbes … Continue Reading →

Liberty Reserve Shut Down for Laundering Over $6 Billion

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For some days now, people have been ranting on various social networks about the seizure of Liberty Reserve by the United State. I check out the website and truly what I saw was the nifty image below. Though I don’t have much money with them, I only had $20, but I know of friends that have thousands … Continue Reading →

Full History of April 1 Known as April Fools’ Day

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A reader of this blog named James, sent a short history of April 1 and he requested it to be published. When I went through the story it was awesome, so I immediately published it. Read the history story below and make sure you don’t let it stop here, pass it to others by telling them to visit this … Continue Reading →

Sort Codes of All Banks in Nigeria

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Sort code is a nine digits number that identifies a specific branch of a bank. The first three digits are the bank’s standard code, the next digit is the location of the bank and the last five digits are for the bank branch. For people that does fund transfer from one bank to another (whether inter … Continue Reading →

Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Sold in 2012

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Millions of domain names are registered every year. The price of acquiring a domain name is cheap but if a domain is on auction, it may carry a higher price. From history, the most expensive domain name ever sold was for $16 million. Today, I want to share with you the top 10 most … Continue Reading →

Photos: US Elections Final Hour

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Below are some shots made towards the final hour to US Elections. enjoy: … Continue Reading →