Top 10 Websites to Download Free Fonts


A font is a combination of the properties of a set of characters including typeface, size, pitch and spacing. One of the most important thing designers, developers and beginner artists always seek for is fonts. Fonts are also useful for non-designers too. By implementing a simple change in font, … Continue Reading →

List Of Top-Earning US Celebs Under 30

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On the Monday 22nd of July, forbes released the list of top-earning celebrities under 30. The calculation was based on their earnings between June 2012 and June 2013.Lady Gaga topped the list despite the hip surgery she underwent this year. Her earnings alone put her at the top of this list. Forbes … Continue Reading →

How to Use Airtel Unlimited BlackBerry Plans on PC & Mobile Devices

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In my recent article, I posted all the activation codes and pricing of Airtel Nigeria BlackBerry Internet Subscription. Airtel is the best network to use for browsing as long as I’m concerned, apart from the fact that they have the widest 3g coverage, any Airtel sim with Blackberry Internet … Continue Reading →

Google Allow Users Send Money via Gmail

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Google, the internet giant has announced to roll out a new feature that will enable its users to quickly and securely send money to friends and family directly within Gmail. According to a post on the official Google Commerce blog, Google Wallet has been integrated into Gmail. Very soon, a dollar … Continue Reading →

Enable SMS Notifications on Suspicious Google Login Activity

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Google has so many wonderful products and services which majority of internet users participates therein. Google products and services are numerous. Some of their products and services include searching the internet, email, backing up of data, social media, website/blog monetization, advertising, … Continue Reading →

Top 5 Best Free Cloud Storage Websites

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There are various types of cloud storage services available, and all of them offers free plan, but their levels of storage and features vary. Moreover, they all offer users option to upgrades for more storage and enjoy more features, but you will need to pay for that. For those who don’t know what … Continue Reading →

Best Free File Hosting Services to Host and Share your Files

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File hosting is a means of storing and sharing files and folders with others across the internet. Files such as videos, images, documents and files in other formats could be hosted on file hosting websites, and then share with others. With file hosting websites, bloggers and webmasters will be able … Continue Reading →