Top 5 Tools To Create Awesome Infographics


Information graphics popularly known and called infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Some years back, only experts were able to create outstanding infographics, but with the help of a number of … Continue Reading →

9 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions


At the beginning of a new year like this, we all aim and create a list of things we want, don’t want and many more. We often regard this as New Year’s resolution. A 2007 study by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people showed that 88% of those who set New Year … Continue Reading →

Tips to Get More Likes and Fans on your Facebook Page [Infographic]

Get More Likes and Fans on Your Facebook Page

One of the common questions asked by the majority of people who wish to build a brand or garner traffic from Facebook is the way to get more likes and fans on their page. If you search through Google for ways to get more likes and fans on your Facebook page, you will get billions of results, but … Continue Reading →

20+ Ideas to Create Compelling Contents on Your Blog [Infographic]

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After setting up a blog, it’s mandatory to add some content, but where the problem set-in is whether you will put the write up together or hire a content writer to do it. Though put up the content on your blog is not the main issue, but the main issue is to keep your readers on your blog for a … Continue Reading →

Martin Missfeld Explains How Google Glass Works [Infographic]

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No one knows much about the Google Glass, i.e. its final speculations and how it works. Artist Martin Missfeld has created an infographic that explains how Glass's prism and projector system work. As illustrated by the infographic, Google Glass is comprised by some of the hardware that would usually … Continue Reading →

How to Detect / Identify a Fake Facebook Account

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Social networking sites are a great marketing tool, with mass communication medium that some users often abused. Like the case of Facebook, the numbers of new accounts that can be created are not limited, so many spammers use this medium for their own selfish interest to have access to other real … Continue Reading →

How to Fix Any Computer | Windows, Mac, Linux

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Almost all household have computers, people often use the machine for different purposes. I have friends that only use it to play games, some use it as their companion at school to solve assignments, and so on. People own computers for so many reasons, which are known to them. Today, when I was … Continue Reading →

The Complete History Of Facebook | Infographic

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Facebook is the world leading and most popular social networking site. The network has over 1 billion users and was launched in February 2004, operated and owned by Facebook, Inc. Facebook was initially founded by Mark Zuckerberg from the dorm of his room in Harvard with his fellow college roommates … Continue Reading →