Google is About to Let Anyone on Google+ Email You


 Google published a new post on the Official Gmail Blog regarding a new Gmail update where random people on Google+ will be able to send emails to you Gmail account without you ever having given them your email address. These messages from strangers will arrive in your Gmail inbox just like … Continue Reading →

3 Easy Steps to Index your Blog Posts in Google Search Within Minutes


A friend started a new blog a week ago and told me it took Google 3 or more days to index his blog posts and seek for solution to make the indexing faster. I shared the simple tips I wrote in this post with him. Now, he told me his blog post is now being index few minutes after publication. Let … Continue Reading →

Maximum Numbers of Adsense Ads Allowed on a Page


Google Adsense is currently the best contextual high paying ad networks. Adsense don’t joke with their program policies. Going against any Adsense policies will lead to account ban. One of the common questions often asked by newbies is: ‘How Many Google Adsense Ads are allowed per Page’. Google … Continue Reading →

Why You Are Seeing Clicks with No Earnings on Adsense

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Have you ever experience a situation where the Google Ads on your blog(s) generated a few clicks and at the end, no earning showed up? A friend who runs Google ads on his blog once told me he was confuse when he saw a few clicks that could have generated about $10 for him, but shows $0. He said … Continue Reading →

Google Allow Users Send Money via Gmail

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Google, the internet giant has announced to roll out a new feature that will enable its users to quickly and securely send money to friends and family directly within Gmail. According to a post on the official Google Commerce blog, Google Wallet has been integrated into Gmail. Very soon, a dollar … Continue Reading →

Enable SMS Notifications on Suspicious Google Login Activity

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Google has so many wonderful products and services which majority of internet users participates therein. Google products and services are numerous. Some of their products and services include searching the internet, email, backing up of data, social media, website/blog monetization, advertising, … Continue Reading →

How to Disable Google Plus Email and SMS Notifications

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Google Plus is a social networking site which gives it users the abilities to create circles of friends, hang out via group video chat with your circles, find online articles based on your interests, and more. By default, you get notified by email or SMS or both whenever any action involving you is … Continue Reading →

Need a Google Will? Set Yours Now!

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We are now in an age where most of our personal assets such as our emails, social media identities, photos – live online. What do you think will happen to your data online when you die? At some times in our lives, we made a will with the list of our properties and those we want to give. So also … Continue Reading →