Google to Start Paying Nigeria Adsense Publishers via Bank Transfer


One of the challenges faced by Nigeria Adsense Publishers is the payment option. The only payment option available for Nigeria Adsense Publishers is via Check/Cheque. The irritating part of the payment via cheque method is that I have to wait for a minimum of 21 days before the bank clears the … Continue Reading →

How to Securely Share Your Email Address on Web Pages

share email address

In one of my recent publications, I shared some Safe Ways to Share Email Address Online. Some members of this blog commented that the methods outlined were useful. Today, I want to share how Bloggers/Webmasters can securely share and hide their email address on their web page(s). The main reason … Continue Reading →

How to Invite Contributors or Authors to your Blogger Blog

blogger settings

Are you planning to add contributor(s) to your Blogger blog, but want to restrain them to only making post or grant them full privilege? If yes, then this post if for you. I recently created a post with over 40 tools to create a professional and SEO Blogger blogs. Before and after the post, so … Continue Reading →

MS Word Alternative for Bloggers on Blogger/Blogspot


If you are a blogger blogging via Blogger/Blogspot platform, you'll understand that using MS word to compose your blog post is not in any way beneficial. MS Word will include so many tags in the contents that would make your blog design and the post look shabby. However, bloggers blogging on … Continue Reading →

How to Auto Publish Your Blog Posts on Twitter Using Feedburner


It's a known fact that the more people share your blog, the more popular it becomes. Apart from others sharing your blog posts, you also need to contribute your own quota to the growth of your blog by sharing your posts via the major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest … Continue Reading →

A Quick Guide to Terms Commonly Used in Blogging


Every work under the earth have their own terminologies which novice or people from other disciplines may not be able to comprehend. For instance, when Lawyers talk about consideration, they simply mean Money, when gamblers say crew, they mean cheating organisation and etc. Bloggers too are not … Continue Reading →

Stop Content Thieves: How to Disable Highlight on Blog (WordPress & Blogger)


Bloggers that write original contents on their blogs are fond of complaining about some other ‘lazy’ bloggers stealing their works. ‘Lazy bloggers’ just copy and paste other peoples’ work without credit. In past time, I have been using some piece of JavaScript code on my blog to curb content … Continue Reading →

Does it Make Sense to Purchase an Adsense Account?


I’ve encounter some people that want me to create a Google Adsense account for them. They promise to pay me if the account is approved. I always refute the offer by telling them they can only have a Google Adsense account if they merit it. Some people charge N15,000 or more to get people an … Continue Reading →