Come peep at the tasty changes Google is testing for the User Interface of the Play Store

We have almost become accustomed to the habit of Google always introducing redesigns to the Play Store. But then this doesn’t quench our sense of excitement as we relish the new user interfaces Google is rolling on to the design of the Play Store.

Play Store getting a new look

A fresh “Entertainment” category

The first we have is a fresh out entertainment section. Google has this feeling that the one we have in the Play Store before in the “Entertainment” section is quite old school. The replacement Google is promising to bring on which entail a title which carries more description – “MOVIES, MUSIC, BOOKS”. What Google is aiming at is introducing more convenience when users get to the play store; though we have our doubts that users will be searching for for books in the department dedicated to books.

Come peep at the tasty changes Google is testing for the User Interface of the Play Store

The featured items carousel could be also taking on a new look. Rather than spanning from end to end getting well positioned on top of the home page, with the search bar coming in front of it, Google is thinking of shifting it down such that there is reduction in the size of the slides. This way Google is targeting an improved user experience such that when you access Play Store, you are fed with a better visual sense with more items to scroll through.

A fresh carousel

Come peep at the tasty changes Google is testing for the User Interface of the Play Store

Talking of the search bar, it will have a different behavior and even the look to match the difference. At present, the home screen has a larger search box looking out in a distinct location positioned at the top. The implication of this is that it will the first thing you will come across upon opening the platform. In what Google is planning to bring out, Google would not be putting much focus on the search functionality.

By default the bar will not readily visible but you will be able to expand it when you tap on the search icon appearing in the right well up. For the fact that at present, you can’t really see search in most of the Play Store interface, you are free to say this is not really a big change per say.

But then I really like the changes though and can’t wait to get my fingers peeling at them.

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