Have you heard the new MacBook Pro will present a fingerprint scanner in its power button

Apple’s MacBook Pro line is well set for a remake later year, I would say this redesign is appropriate. In fact if we don’t mince words, this redesign is actually due. Many rumours have flown past our ears over time.

Have you heard the new MacBook Pro will present a fingerprint scanner in its power button

At some time, our eardrums were reverberating with the gossip of the new design being lighter and even thinner. At another time, it was well said that the fresh design will accommodate an OLED touch panel which will take over from the row of function keys placed above the keyboard.

What we have on our hands and ears now is a sizzling report which is actually a confirmation of the previous rumour suggesting the presence of an OLED touch panel in the 2016 MacBook Pro. This report also spices things up reporting some new parcels of information to the table as well. Majorly we are hearing that the laptop will also bring in a fingerprint scanner well embedded in its power button. Apparently, this will be branded Touch ID in similar fashion to the fingerprint reader on the iPhones.

The upcoming MacBook Pro according to reports could present four USB Type-C ports, accompanied by embedded support for Thunderbolt 3. Thus there is the high possibility that there could be two models, sitting on top of Apple’s new laptop line. This would be the new-kid-in-the block MacBook Air at the low-end, and then a new 13″ MacBook being the mid-tier offering.

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