Tutorial: Setting a default keyboard on your Android phone

Many wouldn’t have loved to really set up a cool default keyboard for their Android phone but can’t maybe because they feel they have to be MIT graduates first. But actually the procedures of setting up a default keyboard on your Android phone is miles easier than you can actually figure!

Tutorial: Setting a default keyboard on your Android phone

One lovely feature here pertaining to Android phones is the wide array of customization options you are open to as options, as much as the option to change keyboards. Now there is a great deal of keyboard apps out there for Android for you to make a selection from. So I guess I will leave that duty of selecting the one that suits you- to you.

Now for the purpose of this tutorial, we will be working with the SwiftKey keyboard to explain the process of setting a default keyboard on your Android phone. But then this doesn’t mean the procedure is different as it basically remains the same regardless of the keyboard app you choose .

So to start Download and proceed on the installation of a new keyboard. Move to Settings. Locate and select Languages and input. It should be well located under the Personal submenu.

Tutorial: Setting a default keyboard on your Android phone

Now click on current keyboard which you can locate under Keyboard & input methods.
Click on choose keyboards. In this case we will take the SwiftKey keyboard; so you take the keyboard you intend to fill in your default.

Tutorial: Setting a default keyboard on your Android phone

Read through the Attention prompt popping up on screen after which you can click OK should you choose to proceed. Make certain of the change of the switch colour beside the keyboard to green from gray. Now return to the main language & input screen.

Tutorial: Setting a default keyboard on your Android phone

Again click on current keyboard.Make a selection of the SwiftKey keyboard. Automatically, this will be saved. Also ensure the standard functioning of the the keyboard by writing some quick words to someone.

At this point, you can relish the exquisite comfort of your fresh third-party keyboard on your Andriod phone! Should a reason pop up and you want a fresh change of scenario, simply return to the stock keyboard to try your hands on a new keyboard, the procedure remain the same!

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