Tutorial: How can I save and screenshot Snapchat Snaps on Android

Of course, there is no arguing that Snapchat has assumed centre stage as a major force to contend with in the arena of social media. Therefore, it would come as no surprise that , most times, people wish to store or curate their Snapchat artistry. But then there is no difficulty as to saving your snaps. Here in this brief tutorial, we go through the procedure of capturing as well as saving your snap without the need of a screenshot yourself.

Tutorial: How can I save and screenshot Snapchat Snaps on Android

How to save your Snapchats on Android

Now to start with, simply launch Snapchat from your home screen or better still you could launch it from the app drawer. Okay, you have the option of taking a new Snap, or possibly opening one which you have snapped before. Alright. Click on the download button appearing on the bottom left of your screen. Can’t find the download button? Look well, it looks like an open box with a downward-facing arrow.

Tutorial: How can I save and screenshot Snapchat Snaps on Android

At this point, a prompt will pop up at the bottom of the screen. This is to inform you that your picture or video has been saved to your Android phone’s gallery.

How to save other people’s Snapchats on Android

For this task, we will still begin with launching Snapchat from your home screen. You can still launch it from your app drawer. Now swipe right to your chat page. If you are there, click on the snap so as to open it. Now take a screenshot of the image or video. Your phone would decide the way you take a screenshot, but most times it is a combination of the volume and power buttons.

Tutorial: How can I save and screenshot Snapchat Snaps on Android

Don’t forget that at every interval you take a screenshot of a video or photo which has been sent to you, Snapchat will at once sound a notice to the person on the other end- of your activity ( that is saving their snap) by means of a notification as well as a screenshot icon. While this may not seem a bulk of a problem, it could bring in the rigidity and difficulty of saving other people’s snaps.

Some people have resorted to using screen recorders to save other people’s snaps, a number of others now deploy a separate phone entirely for the purpose of quickly having a photo of other people’s Snapchat’s.

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