Skype adds yummy update: now lets you share files of up to 300MB in size

Microsoft has released an update to Skype rolling in a handful of fresh features. One we can not just jump past is that the online voice and video calling service now allows you the capacity to share files, documents, photos, as well as videos running into the size of 300MB with friends and groups.

Skype adds yummy update: now lets you share files of up to 300MB in size

The company made the revelation that it had carried out tests with a range of size limits for file sharing. It was on the ground of the results proceeding from these tests that Microsoft nailed down 300MB limit as its choice. “This accommodates almost all the file sizes shared over Skype,” Microsoft explained .

In addition to this, the service still allows you the privilege of sharing files, this not even being interrupted when the recipient is offline. ” So, now you can share a holiday video and go straight back to the beach, knowing that your friends and family can download the video whenever they come online—while you’re out enjoying the sunshine!”

And to round this up, the application now allows you the premise to download a file more than once on different devices.

Sure you will agree with me that this is really yummy.

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