MTN’s insane data bundles: It’s real

It is real, you know that kind of real that makes you think you’re dreaming? Yeah, that’s the kind. Data bundles have been on the high side for a while now, but MTN has come with incredible offers; before I rant too much, let’s check them outmtn and BVN


1.5GB 1 MONTH 1,000
3.5GB 1 MONTH 2,000
10GB 1 MONTH 5,000
22GB 1 MONTH 10,000
50GB 3 MONTHS 20,000
85GB 3 MONTHS 50,000

I would say these are really nice data plans. Seems to me that MTN is out to out-do the competition. You know the saying, “when two elephants fight, the grass suffers”? Well, this kind of fight favors the grass a lot. Let all ISPs and Network providers continue doing this – slashing prices to eliminate the competition; I sure am loving this already.

Oh, before I forget, to activate any of the plans, dial *123# and follow the prompts. Enjoy!

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  1. N the price be the koko, which you failed to specify.

  2. This is awesome bro, thanks for the update am so much in love with your blog.

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