You can now enjoy playing podcasts straight from Google’s search app for Android

Our eyeballs have been dilated for a long time now as innovation after innovation spring forth from tech companies. It is impossible for the wombs of the leading tech companies around the world to reach an “innovative menopause” and stop giving birth to breakthroughs. There is so great technical fertility from these companies as they conceive idea after idea.Saying we have seen the last of these strides of innovation is no better than trying to sell a cigarette stick to the Pope before camera.

You can now enjoy playing podcasts straight from Google's search app for Android

You can now enjoy playing podcasts straight from Google’s search app for Android

And now again on the side of breakthrough, Google has at last made the addition of podcasts to the Android’s Play Store. But this is not the main thing. The bomb is that Google is giving users the capacity to play those very podcasts from the Android Google Search app.

All you need do is search for the podcast you like, and then you will come to view of three latest episodes which are depicted with a play button for each, as well as the option of viewing more episodes. With the way this works, podcasts will not stop playing the background. So it would still play regardless of you locking your screen or browse to another site.

Life is only getting better. Especially with this reality of Google taking on podcasts.

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