Sony to bring PlayStation Games to Android and iOS Devices

Some twelve months ago, if you remember; we applauded Nintendo’s supposed move to introduce its games to smartphones. However overdue, Sony is taking that step too now.

Sony to bring  PlayStation Games to Android and iOS Devices

Sony to bring PlayStation Games to Android and iOS Devices

Soonest, you will enjoy the capacity to play original Sony games on your Android or on your iOS device according to announcements from the company. Sony is now establishing a new frontier tagged ForwardWorks.

This Sony arm will have its concentration on mobile services, so as to realize “full-fledged game titles” as well as Sony’s PlayStation intellectual property and characters to handheld smart devices.

And going by a release from ForwardWorks, we wouldn’t be waiting too long for it anymore as operations are set to go on execution by April. Just some weeks ago in Japan, we saw Nintendo finally made a release of its debutant mobile app: a minigame-filled avatar maker with the name of Miitomo.

It is very obvious the overprotectiveness of Nintendo, pertaining to its indigenous IP like Zelda and Mario. Both earned fame when they held out on devising Nintendo games for mobile devices which are basically for years.

Sony is doing the same now. Of course, I obviously stretch my arms wide open welcoming this move as I wouldn’t mind playing LittleBigPlanet on my Phone as soon as possible.

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