Apple’s OLED iPhone plans could bring on a 5.8-inch model in 2017

The prospects are very solid that Apple is forming plans about bringing on an OLED display to the iPhone. Not only this, on board is the impressive probability that Apple might also make changes to the device’s screen size. Going by very reliable reports from the most recent investor note proceeding from famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, is prediction that possibly the company will go about releasing an iPhone in 2017 which presents a 5.8-inch OLED display as well as a “completely new form factor.”

Apple's Tim Cook

Apple’s Tim Cook


Kuo makes strong predictions which the smartphone will assume following the design of the iPhone 4, coming in metal sides as well as a glass back and front. Curved display as well as a narrower bezel will give the the 5.8-inch screen to the capacity to suit into a form factor which comes at a smaller size than the present 5.5-inch iPhone. Kuo also brings in suggestions that the device will bring along with it wireless charging as well as innovative biometric security characteristics. It can’t be inferred that his predictions will manifest until 2017, though they outline the more likely reality that the next smartphone to come from Apple will not take a far different path from the design Apple has at present.

If you consider the reputability of Kuo, then his predictions look likely to sneak into reality. Though he is not always correct with his timing but he is always more closer than farther to Apple’s plans. If we remember the November of 2015, he made prediction that Apple go about launching a new 4-inch iPhone which would “resemble an upgraded iPhone 5S.” Today we recognize this as the iPhone SE. We will all have to patiently see if time confirms his predictions for 2017.

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