With AirBar Any Laptop Becomes A Touchscreen

Wonder wonder people! If you don’t have a laptop which has a touchscreen, there is no need to make a complete replacement of your computer to enjoy their function. At CES in Las Vegas, Neonode put on show the AirBar, a $49 peripheral that connects via a USB port which enables you enjoy the touch capability. The company is making plans to ship the AirBar in May.

Getting a touchscreen with airbag

Getting a touchscreen with airbag

Airbar is not really that eye-catching, fitting just under the display. It has this thin, black rectangle resting on the bezel underneath the screen – if you have a gray or black laptop, you might not even notice that it is there. It makes use of invisible light to locate where your finger is on the screen as well as providing that feedback to the computer.

Neonode asserts that the AirBar will be very compatible with laptops making use of Windows or Chrome OS. The AirBar according to the company could come in four sizes to support most displays: 11.6 inches, 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches. According to sources, it is on report that the sizes will retail for the same price.

The device is plug and play – simply plug the AirBar into a USB port, then align it on the screen, once done, you’re good to go for touch. In course of a painting demo, I was able to track my finger most directly as I drew on the display of a laptop without basic touchscreen capabilities.

When I made an attempt to try this technology using Windows, it was not impossible to scroll without stress. Aside using my finger, I got to see demos with other objects, which included a chopstick and paintbrush.

Get this and enjoy people.

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