Konga Showcase: All Ready for a Memorable 2015 Yakata Sale

Konga.com, Nigeria’s largest online mall now ready for a memorable 2015 Yakata Sale. The 2015 edition of Konga.com’s highly anticipated annual sale, Yakata is starting tomorrow the 26th of November 2015. Konga has spent months preparing for this big sale..

The 2015 edition of Konga.com’s highly anticipated annual sale, Yakata is just around the corner. Yakata is konga’s version of the global Black Friday sales; only it’s even better. This year, konga promises that the Yakata sales will feature mind blowing discounts across ALL product categories on the konga platform. The sale will start from 6am, Thursday November 26th and will continue on Friday the 27th of November, 2015.

In anticipation of the sale, konga has just revealed some of the efforts it has made towards giving its shoppers across the country a truly memorable Yakata experience.

With the company’s army of trusted partners committed to offering deep discounts via konga’s marketplace; shoppers will have access to hundreds of thousands of heavily discounted products with the Yakata 2015 sales.

In addition to this, Konga has stocked up on products in its warehouse and has released some pictures to tease customers on what there is to come.

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