Tecno to Challenge Top Camera Phones with Camon C8

Tecno has added a new phone in its Camon series of devices – Tecno Camon C8. One of the key features of the Camon C8 is the 13-megapixel rear camera. It’s a great phone built to focus more on photograph, and this might be the best camera phone sooner than you think. 

The truth is, in the smart phone category, there are elder statesmen in camera ability (iPhone, Nokia or Samsung Galaxy S6) but information reaching us suggests that Tecno’s soon-to-be-released Camon C8 is going to rattle & surprise everyone.

Looking at the camera specs you might not be wowed (with a 5MP Front facing camera & 13MP back facing camera), but the magic is in its image processing engine and software that makes the Camon C8’s camera lens so sensitive to light & colors and a phase-detection system that allows the phone capture within 0.3s, so you never miss those instant moments.

I also got word about a feature called Quick Snap which allows you, from the lock screen, take pictures and save it in just 3 seconds. That is impressive considering other smart phones need at least 7 seconds to operate from standby to save, I’m really curious to see how they made this possible.

From what I’ve heard about the Camon C8’s camera, no matter how poor the lighting is in your environment, the C8 will capture the perfect pictures, as it is perfect for the clearest of selfies at night.

Now with these juicy details, it looks like those impulsive unpredictable moments that are always missed during outings with friends (especially the weekend ones where everyone dressed to impress and ready to have some fun) might just be captured and saved with this device before they are over.

Say …snap…cheese…snap!

Seeing is believing, so here are some pictures going around in the tech circles of pictures taken with the Camon C8.

See the pictures for yourselves they’re very clear

Tecno Camon C8 sample 1

Tecno Camon C8 sample 4

Tecno Camon C8 sample 3

Tecno Camon C8 sample 2

From the looks of it, Tecno is not just playing the affordable card anymore, they have set their sights on something bigger, real value for money. We are patiently anticipating the launch of this device.

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  1. Ginger Man says:

    What’s the price, cos Owo Ni Koko

  2. omoalajah says:

    .A 13megapixels rear camera complemented with shooting in 0.3 seconds? Incredible

  3. windyjosezy says:

    All we are saying, release this phone for us to buy asap

  4. windyjosezy says:

    Pls wats the battery mp like?

  5. onekindaguy says:

    Another hit from tecno, iPhone should gerarahere

  6. The camera features is just to dope

  7. This could be a joke but I will patiently wait

  8. this is definitely gonna bring out the bravura vividness of all peoples photography LOL

  9. I think the RAM should be increased to compensate the awesome that the phone is

  10. This is the surprise of the year. This would definitely become an epitome for other brands

  11. Tecno has caught my fancy with this camera

  12. AnneMary360 says:

    lol, i laff in french.. Tecno is just a bunch of sly.. deceiving people into thinking they can give quality

  13. JonMoveek says:

    Wow.!! Cant wait to lay my hands on this mobile

  14. samuel chris says:

    how much is the tecno C8 sold?

  15. derm derm, this a perfect one..loving this pictures quality

  16. wow,this camera is so on point

  17. me likeeeeee

  18. Bastian Grey says:

    na today, mchewwww.. their mates have moved on sinceeeeeee. them siddon dey wait for wetin person no know. let them go and sit down abeg.

  19. well, well, well.. look who decided to step into the big leagues… been too long coming. tecno took their time. it had better be worth it.

  20. This is absolutely fantastic. I love tecno for introducing this. Can’t wait for it to be released.

  21. The picture quality is amazing. I love it.

  22. Still not impressed

  23. tbadejo25 says:

    I’m thinking “FINALLY! An affordable phone with awesome camera”. Tecno forever doing it for the underdogs.

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