Get Your Fare Estimates Via Twitter for Uber Taxis

You want to get an idea of how much you stand to be charged for a particular distance if you are to use Uber taxi? Uber’s mobile app has designed an inbuilt fare estimator but now via twitter, you could also estimate the fares. Draft out your query in writing using plain and then send it to @WhatTheFare and then the bot will immediately feed you with the information on the approximate fare for your ride in less than sixty seconds!

what the fare

@WhatTheFare is a fresh-out Twitter bot will now assist you in the task of calculating your approximate expense of your Uber trip. You will be informed on the fare including the options available as regards the options available as to Uber taxis on that route. Then you could use the bot to calculate fare for trips for wherever Uber services are available in the world.

The bot’s answer will as well come along with a deep-link to Uber’s mobile website and it would directly populate the coordinates of pickup/drop-off should you choose to book a taxi with Uber.

On the inside, the Uber bot, employs the use of Google Maps API in the process of geocoding postal addresses which came with your tweet request; then it locates the list of Uber taxis up for service at the moment for that route using the official Uber API and then it responds via tweet using the Twitter API. The taxi icons in the tweet are basic Unicode emojis which are compatible with Twitter.

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