We Give Unlimited Internet That Allows Access to Netflix

It was an awesome time in the studio with Mr. Ifeanyi Okonkwo, the Manager of Operation at Tizeti a Technology company that operates wifi.com.ng and Teleport.

We got to know about wifi.com.ng through their youtube advert and we thought we should bring them to the studio to tell all of us about their estate internet services.

Ifeanyi said they were driven by the fact that alot of ISPs in Nigeria offers internet services that gets finish easily once video is consumed and video is the trending way users consume media online.

After a detailed discussion on how wifi.com.ng works and their affordable unlimited bandwidth, Ifeanyi broke  the ice about another of their product called Teleport, a router that allows Nigeria’s audience to watch Hulu, Netflix and other contents not accessible in Nigeria.

All the details are in the video below, tune in.

Roberta Edu is an IT& Digital Media Expert, Web Broadcaster & Producer, she has helped top Nigerian brands achieve exciting digital media milestone and now focus on promoting Nigerian Internet Startup to help those who desire start their own web companies through her web show Break Digit Show.

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