Apply for 16th NIIT Scholarship for a Career in I.T.

NIIT Nigeria scholarship application – the registration portal for the 16th edition is now open for deserving and meritorious students across various disciplines. Application is FREE!


Students that falls within these categories may apply ; School Leavers, Under Graduates, Graduates [Unemployed, Under-Employed], Individuals desirous of enhancing their technical skill-sets and students in general who aspire to know about I.T. and career in I.T.

To qualify for NIIT entrance examination, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Submit the Completed Application Form
  • Collect the Hall Ticket
  • Appear for the Scholarship Exam as per the specified date given below.

To apply online, simply go to

Last Date for 16th NIIT NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP Application is 10th July 2015.

Every piece of information on the Application form has to be filled in completely and accurately.

NATIONAL LEVEL (NIGERIA): 11th July 2015, Saturday [across multiple venues across Nigeria]
Successful applicant basis merit and meeting the following two criterions will be awarded one of the Scholarship Offer:

1. Meeting the qualifying criteria in NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP-2015 examination and
2. Clearing Personal Interview, will be awarded one of the Scholarship Offers based on merit.

Now that you have completed the application form online, start preparing for the entrance exam now. Click here (pdf) to download NIIT Scholarship Sample Questions.

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  1. Winston cephas says:

    sir, is the application for niit still ungoing ? can I apply as am only studying computer and love to do it?…

  2. can i apply too…am a jambite and my jamb score is 262

  3. nasiru abdul says:

    Sir, I am greathful for this good news. May God bless you.
    I want your advice in this my situation. “do you thnk it’s advisible 4 me as Uni aspirant of Pharmacy to apply for niit scholashp?” bcos my jamb score is 226.

  4. James Ifinwa says:

    Thanks Olu for this post which has helped me a lot.
    I have been accepted and using the sample questions you provided to prepare, and they are detailed excellently.

    Thanks again for this is the sort of info I have been looking for a long time

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