Microsoft Edge: IE’s successor

If you ask anyone to rate Microsoft IE on a scale of 1 -10 (with 10 being the highest), I’m sure you’ll get a lot of 5’s or less.

microsoft edge

Remember Project Spartan? Well, one of the things that contributed heavily to its success is the fact that they employed the help of a lot of Beta testers and it paid off. Now with the official launch of Windows 10, Microsoft decided to rethink the name and came up with Microsoft Edge.

Now Microsoft Edge isn’t the best browser in the world but it’s a real step up from IE(I have no idea why I keep saying that). The features are more or less from when it was still project Spartan but hopefully they will add some more things before Windows 10 is officially released this summer.

But as a personal opinion, one of the major cons is the fact that people devices with touch support will enjoy it more and a lot of other Windows functions generally.

Project Spartan was officially christened Microsoft Edge at the Microsoft Build 2015 (Microsoft’s biggest event of the year). To get a little insight into Microsoft Edge, I suggest you read on Project Spartan.

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