5 Ways to Ensure Your Business Makes you Cheerful

Let’s be honest – You have those days that don’t quite go as planned! We are a month away from the middle of the year; the pressure to make sure business reaches its full potential is at stake. We’re all dealing with it.


What would be essential is a healthy dose of positivity especially in the likes of our glorious country, Nigeria. By making a conscious decision to change your thinking and accept that there will be bumps in the road will lead you to live a more focused, hopeful and enjoyable business life.

Hellofood, have assembled 5 ideas to get started.

  1. Accept the Challenge

Don’t let fear and nerves overcome you. Take a break and see each problem as a challenge you can conquer, as problems are never ending in this part of the world. Remember: Each challenge won, means that your business is moving forward and growing.

  1. Laugh More

Life gets hectic and agendas get full, meaning that it’s all too easy to take life too seriously. But living life routinely in order to get things done can result in living under a black cloud without even realising it. Remember to try and take breaks, even if your breaks are pretty short and find the humour in life, even if it means laughing at yourself! As a human we all need to accept that we are not a machine. Better still, machines even have regular shutdown and maintenance.

  1. Help Others

We understand – your business is the centre of your world. You live and breathe your work, your vision and goals. But becoming work-obsessed can also be isolating. Helping and supporting others to be happy and successful will increase your own fulfillment. Whether it’s becoming a mentor to help spread your knowledge to the vast majority of individuals that wish to start-up a business in Nigeria, you will find a sense of achievement.

  1. Avoid Stress

Don’t let stress takeover your life. It’s nothing new, particularly when you live in a society that can’t do without stress it’s inevitable, I guess its part of our nature. Nonetheless, recognising the situations or responsibilities that cause you the most stress and forming methods to overcome that feeling, whether it’s a change in the way you act or the way you feel. Then when one of those circumstances happens, you can recognise it and understand how to handle it.

  1. You’re Not a Victim

Ensure that full accountability for your views and actions whether the good or the bad is taken. If you believe bad things happen to you, you are preventing good things from happening. Increase your approaches of success by taking positive steps in your business and handling your thoughts.

Never forget that thoughts can grow into words, words can turn into actions and actions can develop in habits. So the best option is to STAY optimistic, more laughter, work hard,stay thankful,be healthy and you will surely be a healthier, CHEERFUL entrepreneur.

Hellofood.com Africa, is a mobile platform where people can order food from restaurants in their cities. Hello Food was founded by Africa Internet Holding (AIH) with an investment from telecommunications company MTN in 2012. It has since expanded to 11 countries across Africa, attracting hundreds of independent restaurants and international chains for customers to order from.

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    yes you are absolutely right, thanks for this post i enjoyed it. i have bookmarked your site for more informative post like this. my business needs to cheer up a little, i hope to apply the methods you enumerated. thanks once more!

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