Your Shoe Size Will Tell Your Real Age : Simple Mathematics

Your shoe size can really tell your age. Try this simple mathematics to prove if am wrong.


Write down your shoe size,
Multiply it by 50,
Add 50,
Multiply your answer by 20,
Add 1012 to it,
Subtract the year you were born from it.
Then the first 2 digit will be your shoe size and the last 2 digit will be your age.

Beauty Of Mathematics…

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  1. Did not work. Said says I’m 19 bt I’m 21. Shoe size was correct tho.

  2. @Oscar

    That is because this formula is flawed. It only works on whole shoe sizes such as 10, 11, or 12. It will not work on half shoe sizes such as 9.5, 10.5 or 11.5.

  3. @Oscar, mat be you're made a mistake when you were doing the calculation. Try and re-calculate it again.

  4. sorry, didn’t work for me. My legs are longer than a person of my age. After the whole math, it proves that i’m 46, while in actuality i’m 18….. LOL..

    • You can’t use a calculator when computing it because the calculator is scientific and follows the order of operations. If using a calculator, hit the enter or equal sign in between each computation.

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