How to Download Torrent Files Directly with IDM

Torrent is use by some people to download various types of files online, such as MP3, MP4, E-books, Software’s, Videos and etc. Torrent speed is determined by some factors known as seeders, peers, leeches, internet connection and many others. Downloading a torrent file with less seeds might not be easy sometimes because it results to slow download.


So today, downloading torrent files with IDM (Internet Download Manager) will be explained. Downloading torrent files with IDM is a very good way to increase downloading speed especially when the torrent has less seeds. Below are some advantages of downloading torrent files with IDM.

Some Advantages of Downloading Torrent Files with IDM (Internet Download Manager)

1. IDM (Internet Download Manager) is a good download manager software that speeds your overall download speed more than 5 times.

2. IDM (Internet Download Manager) doesn’t obey the rules of seeders, leeches and etc. with a good internet connection; you can use IDM to download torrent files without any difficulties.

3. IDM (Internet Download Manager) is useful for downloading torrent files especially those with less seeds.

4. If downloading of torrents is blocked and not allowed in your College, School, University, Office and etc. then IDM (Internet Download Manager) is the answer.

How to Download Torrent Files with IDM

1. Go to

2. Create a free account with them by clicking the sign up button.

3. After, go to, then search for and download whatever file you want to download such as Movies, Music, software and etc.

4. Now go back to and upload the torrent from your computer and click GO!

5. Immediately after that, scroll down & you will see the progress of the leech. This means that zbigz downloaded the file and store it in its server for so that you can easily download.

6. When the leech progress completed (100%), then click on the green button to download the file directly with your IDM. That’s all…..

Video Tutorial on How to Download Torrent Files with IDM

Note that at times, takes hours before it leeches your torrent due to the torrent seeders. You must know that more torrent seeders = high speed leach while less torrent seeders = may take a little bit longer time. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice tips about torrent file download using IDM. I like your tips.

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