Generate Free Millions of Phone Numbers Online

Phone numbers are needed by different people for different tasks. Some of the people that need phone numbers are Internet Marketers (to market their products & services), Political (for campaign purposes) and etc.

You can now easily generate mobile numbers of all Nigeria network online on this page. This application can generate Millions of phone numbers for you within minutes.

This application can also be use to make money via many means such as selling the phone numbers to people that need phone numbers, Information Marketers can also use this application to make money by marketing their products to millions of customers. The methods of making money via this means are unlimited; you just have to think big and smart.

Click the Generate GSM Number button below to generate your numbers.

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  1. microphido says:

    thanks for your hard work on this. pls i need to generate phone numbers of people living in surulere, mushin, ilasa, isolo, ijesha and oshodi. pls kindly help me out

  2. Heswaik says:

    Really appreciate this… But please is dia a way to generate the no. Per states in Nigeria…

  3. Gracias!

  4. can it generate numbers of job seekers for job advert

  5. Pls with is the cheapest bulk SMS sending platform or company in Nigeria. Or those any send for free.

  6. are these numbers valid

  7. nice one brov. pls does it have an offline version? and it doesnt generate more than 20,000 numbers at a time and i think doing it in batches will increase chances of duplication.

  8. HorLa At0m says:

    Woow!! THis is Awes0me!!.!
    I really appreciate U.
    A question please,
    Hope the system won’t show numbers it has shown before?

  9. Aluko rotimi says:

    Thanks alot for your effort, regarding generating phone numbers on internet, i want to if it possible to generate location based phone numbers for instance, phone numbers of people in a local govt, state etc. thanks alot once again.

  10. Please i will love to narrow down the phone number generation to states, is dis possible? Can u help me out? this will be appreciated.

  11. Nice tool admin ! Pls I need to place the tool on my site too. Send the code to me please. I’ll appreciate.

  12. @EMMANUEL AKACHI, This script does not generate numbers by location. Moreover, only telecommunication companys can provide phone numbers based on location.

  13. Thank you very much for yur effort but please can one generate by locations.

  14. @Anonymous, the scripts generate numbers randomly, so there is high tendency that 80% of it will be active.

  15. Are these generated numbers valid cos I tried calling 'em and I get "inavlid number " not assigned to a customer"

  16. Anonymous says:

    Is there a possibility that the generated numbers will be in use? I mean how can they received SMS messages? And how can I read those SMS? Is it possible or not? Thanks.

  17. @Anonymous, this script cannot help you with the sorting, it can only generate phone numbers for you.

  18. Anonymous says:

    ZIERAW thanks man but how can i sort the numbers? and it needs to be categorised into states and LGA’s

  19. maverickwan says:

    Nice script! Where can I get a scipt like this that can generate mobile number for other countries?

  20. @Mike Richmond, use the generateor button above.

  21. Mike Richmond says:


  22. @HERITAGE SKY, If your browser javascript is off, it won’t work.

  23. HERITAGE SKY says:

    The link where u said i should click to generate the numbers is’nt clicking. Why? Please, do something about this. Thanx!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your efforts.
    After generating phone numbers, how can one save them so that he can utilise them for all purposes later on?
    – Karaye Zango.

    • @Karaye, after generating the number of phone numbers you need on this page, the next thing is to copy and paste in you notepad.

  25. Phone Number generation Is a
    nice one. But does it generate
    number based on locations?

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