Browse Free On Your PC & Mobile Phone Using Glo Network !!!

Whoa! I can now browse free with my GLO sim card on my phone and laptop without any software and complicated means. When I was thinking on what to post this morning, I thought in myself that I should help my fellow Nigerians out by giving them the secret am using to browse freely on my PHONE and PC.


GLO is one of the biggest telecommunication networks in Nigeria and it is owned by a black man. For some years now, people finds it difficult to browse freely using this network, but today, I will explain everything to you on how to do it yourself. Below are the measures you will take to browse free of charge on your mobile phone and pc with GLO network.

To activate your sim to browse on GLO network, you will send ACTIVATE to 127 through SMS. If you want your GLO line to be configured, send “internet Your Phone Model” to 1234. E.g. Internet Nokia 6300 as sms to 1234.

Browse The Internet Free On Your Mobile Phone Using  Glo Nigeria

Glo Nigeria Free Browsing Using Opera.

PORT: 80
APN: glosecure
Socket: socket://

If you are using a JAVA phone, you will need to download the configuration settings. Click Here to download Glo latest and working prov.
To start downloading and surfing free on your mobile phone using GLO network, configure your phone as explain below:


Port: 3130

Apn: glomms

username: wap or leave blank

password: wap or leave blank


Once your phone is configured as explained above, you will be able to access the internet freely on your mobile phone without using airtime. Start enjoying internet on your mobile phone without passing through any proxy site.
I have test this trick on my phone and it works wella. Though am using it with my default web browser.

Let me go straight to business. Browsing free on your PC is in two categories. The first category are those people using modem (e.g. mtn fast link, glo net pro and whatever modem you are using) while the second category are people using their mobile phone to connect to the internet as modem. I will try to explain this clearly to these two categories of people.

The First Category (People Using Modems)
If you are using your modem to connect, create a new browsing profile on your modem software tab with the access point “gloms”

The Second Category (People Using Phone as Modem)
If you are among the people using phone as modem, just connect your phone to your pc, launch your pc suite and configure it manually using “glomms’ as access point.

After you have configure the device you want to use to connect, open your Mozilla Firefox, go to tools ==> Option ==> settings ==> network settings.
Click on manual proxy connection
Use proxy: &
Port: 3130

Save your settings and start browsing free on your computer. Am using this tweak on my laptop now. I use it to post this. The only means you can be of help JUST NAIRA is by sharing and telling your friends about us. For more info use the comment box. In case you don’t understand this very well, I can send you a free pictorial guide on how to configure your computer. Enjoy it while it last.

I love sharing my knowledge with others. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Please subscribe to the newsfeed and get updates through email, share this article with friends, or leave a comment below. New users can read about me HERE

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  1. Daniel Dooga says:

    I will see you when I am through. Thanks anyway.

  2. can this tweak work in Ghana too?

  3. tnks

  4. Thanks! alot, this as been my problem for some time now because so much was deducted from my account for visiting only one or two sites.

  5. Diku Prosper says:

    Yes, paste the settings here for me.

  6. Unknown says:

    Thanx for the information. Am in Kenya currently using Safaricom line. How can I browse 4 free?

  7. @Anonymous I will update this post tomorrow with new and latest glo free browsing trick for both mobile and pc.

  8. are we to change the default apn settings we receive from glo to the one you posted above, if not do we create a new apn?

  9. @Unknown For glo latest browsing trick with PC , Visit Here

  10. Is it still working now, 06-02-2012.Pls reply,thank you!

  11. @ Mutiu, I don’t seem to understand you with the manual settings you talked about. Do you mean the settings for free browsing?

  12. You’re welcome Umar.

  13. Thanks alort. Keep doing d right thing

  14. Click Here For Glo Latest Free Browsing Settings With Your Freedom. In case you have any question, let me know.

  15. @Admin: pls paste the freedom settings here.. thanks

  16. @ anonymous, For you to enjoy glo free browsing, you need to have at least #1 on Your sim and I also have the configuration for Your Freedom with glo. If you are interested, let me know so that i can put the settings here.

  17. Helo thanks for the tip.My friends are enjoying it but it does’nt work 4 my sim.Any solution

  18. Thank you for this information.
    Regards from

  19. Nice one,pal

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