Communicate to strangers on Facebook like a ‘Digital Ghost’

facebook secure chat

I know a fellow that had to lie about his personal data on Facebook because he wanted to seem anonymous to some friends of his, he did not want to disclose everything about him and even had to lie about some others. Facebook has finally made an improvement to the privacy status issue, now all your … Continue Reading →

‘Inbox': Google Added a New Dimension to Handling Emails

google gmail

Google’s recent emailing app ‘inbox’ seems to be another of the fine species in the ecosystem of electronic mails. This app with its Facebook-Like display was released on last week highlights details of messages, though it must be echoed that this app is not intended as a replacement for Gmail. … Continue Reading →

When Entrepreneurs Scream ‘This is It!’-The Aha Moments


‘Clueless’, Yes that’s the word that rightly describes those times when Entrepreneurs contemplate what should and shouldn’t be done for success to end the equation of an enterprise. There is this small smile that drop off ones cheeks when he finally understands the underlying dynamics, when he gets … Continue Reading →

Important URLs That Every Google User Should Know


 Here are some 10 web links that lay hid deep inside your Google account dashboard that answers most of the questions posed by most users of Google accounts; Questions like, Which website has access to my Google account? What does Google know about me? Where can I see ads that I’ve clicked on Google … Continue Reading →

MTN iPulse Provides Students with Affordable Connectivity

MTN iPulse

MTN fosters stronger connectivity with Students by making connectivity on iPulse more affordable.  Call at 11k/sec to all networks, SMS @ NGN2,  90% discount on your favourite callertunez and Free goodybag social bundle & 10mb on N100 recharge. MTN iPulse introduced only 3 years ago had … Continue Reading →

You Can Now Use Facebook Stickers in Comments

FAcebook stickers

Conversations Scopes broadens as Facebook Introduces Stickers in Comments. “Picture actually speaks louder than whispers”. A new dimension of conversation on Facebook has been established as stickers have now been made available on comment found on people’s Timeline, Group, and Event posts. The … Continue Reading →

Facebook Stretches Arms of Care Through the Safety Check


On March 11, 2011, at 2:46 p.m. local time, a magnitude-9.0 earthquake ruptured a 500-kilometer-long fault zone off the northeast coast of Japan. The Japanese red-cross recorded about 12.5 million people affected nationwide and 400,000 people displaced. People turned to social media for … Continue Reading →

Google Unveils Android Lollipop, Nexus 6 Smartphone

Google Lollipop

Google actually drive on the highways of a new frontier as it announced the new Android Operating system “Lollipop” and three new devices. The devices are: Nexus 6 - the 13 megapixel phone, HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet that has an 8.9-inch screen and front-facing speakers and a TV streaming box which … Continue Reading →