Microsoft’s new Android app will strongly tempt you to move over to Windows Phone


Microsoft has for some time now been working to bring its services across all platforms, with the inclusion of iOS and Android, but then its most recent app, called AppComparison, has the possibility of gripping a pretty small target audience. The description for AppComparison, released to Google … Continue Reading →

Microsoft Overhauls its Bing for iPhone App to take on Google


Microsoft is fully embarking on an overhaul of its Bing for iPhone app today. While most search queries are known to happen within the confines of the browser or Spotlight feature of iOS, Microsoft is very upbeat on its optimism about people downloading a powerful separate app to search the web in … Continue Reading →

Find the Person Behind an Email Address


There are instances in our daily lives when we want to know more than the email address of a person. This could be when the credibility of the sender of an email is in question as much as in an era where internet scam is becoming a celebrated white collar job.Here are some very useful tricks that … Continue Reading →

Firefox Will Now be Available for iOS


After a detailed long battle, as well as a very hurting absence, Firefox will now be available for iOS. Mozilla had made announcements as of last year that the browser would be coming to the platform, launched a public preview in September, and is putting it on the table of all iPhone and iPad … Continue Reading →

Google Will Now Stream Entire Apps To Your Phone


If you look critically at Google's search results for some time now, you will notice that they have included information from inside of apps, but then this capacity of Google is enabled with the presence of the app installed or the website of the app on the internet. But now Google has paved another … Continue Reading →

Konga Showcase: All Ready for a Memorable 2015 Yakata Sale

4, Nigeria's largest online mall now ready for a memorable 2015 Yakata Sale. The 2015 edition of’s highly anticipated annual sale, Yakata is starting tomorrow the 26th of November 2015. Konga has spent months preparing for this big sale..The 2015 edition of’s highly … Continue Reading →

Jumia Reveals A Taste Of Black Friday Flash Sales

jumia black friday

JUMIA reveals a taste of black Friday flash sales. You might want to wear a frame to shield you from the eye-popping flash sales. Sit tight as you digest this NAFDAC approved chill pill.Yes! It is finally here! A sneak-peak into Black Friday deals! A vaccine to ease the tension not cure it, the … Continue Reading →

Google Voice Search Is Smarter Now, Can Understand More Complex Questions


If voice-based assistants are to going to be the major means by which interaction takes place with devices now and in the later to come, then Google has just taken further steps in the war between its own voice search functionality and that of competitor mobile assistants in the mould of Apple’s … Continue Reading →