30 Ways Google Glass Might Be Used In Education


Ever since the Google Glass Explorer program was opened to the public earlier this year, the Internet has been buzzing with speculation about the technology’s potential in almost every industry, from gaming to healthcare to law enforcement. As with any new technology, of course, there are some … Continue Reading →

Convert Youtube Videos to GIF by Adding “GIF” To The URL


Do you want to transport a file from Youtube to GIF( Graphic Interchange Format) without paying downloading dues to online converters as well as middlemen apps? Yes, you could, and you wouldn’t need a textbook of programs for this. Here is just one honest trick. Simply insert “GIF” to the start of … Continue Reading →

Your Websites Doesn’t Need all the Trendy Design Out There


In a bid to make your website more appetizing, you might award every new popular design a ward in your website, making your website almost an appalling concoction of irrelevant designs. We must bring to mind that some of these seducing flashy features end with their beauty and barely contribute … Continue Reading →

Quit Like Button to Make Facebook Work Better for You

Facebook Like Button

The like Facebook button is just one silent lip with which to say “this is nice”. But now this nice button is learning some bad manners. The like button shows our appreciation for content and now it also helps us place requests for unsolicited updates. It was discovered that Facebook’s algorithm … Continue Reading →

Google Rewarding HTTPS Sites with Higher Rankings


Google in its latest approach to cede some medals using the new secure protocol on its ranking books, has reasonably cooked its algorithms to give richer search preferences from to sites now using HTTPS. According to Google Webmaster trends analysts Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes, this … Continue Reading →

Google Acquires Jetpac to Enhance Visual Searches


Google has practically admitted that the IT sector is a fierce battlefield and is regularly updating its intellectual armoury- getting all the “brain-ammunitions” it needs to keep their countenance still appealing to the user community. Not relenting in its efforts to improve its versatility, it has … Continue Reading →

BBM for Windows Phone Emerges from Beta


Blackberry has finally released BBM for Windows Phone. This addition no longer comes in the beta parcel. This app is available for downloads directly from Windows Phone Store. The company explains that the version 1.01 release has prudent medications for a number of bugs enhancing performance … Continue Reading →

Awesome Websites to Look at When Bored


Sometimes we could just get bored. At some moments in life, the fun leaks out of our daily schedule, then we could need a prescription of some dozes of laughter, some pints of fun to increase our emotional immunity to life’s conditions. There are a couple of websites to do this. Actually the city … Continue Reading →