Free, Worldwide, Encrypted Voice Calls With Signal For iPhone


As for those of us that love self-con lives, who are so private that they are even uncomfortable with the company of their own shadow. Those of us that love to have a limited edition life, who would want a PRA (personally restricted area) of a tourist centre, we could now be happy that we now own … Continue Reading →

The Best Business Book I’ve Ever Read – Bill Gates


Bill Gates shares his favorite business book. The book was recommended to him by Warren Buffett back in 1991 after they first met. The business terrain is no football pitch, it isn’t plain at all- very rugged. When it comes to business, experience isn’t the best teacher as its tuition fees are … Continue Reading →

Jovago Is 1! Freebies Up For Grabs For Kids Born On 5th August 2013


Are You The Lucky Child? Win Loads Of Gifts From! Jovago, – Africa’s largest online hotel booking platform turns 1 on the 5th of August and has kicked off a competition to give back to Nigerians who have helped the company grow so quickly. The competition requires … Continue Reading →

Facebook Impels Users Worldwide to Download Messenger for Mobile Chat

facebook messenger

Facebook is now demanding mobile users to download the Facebook standalone chat app. The world’s largest social media boasting over monthly 200 million active users and attempts to separate messaging features from its major Facebook app. The proposed standalone app presents features like recorded … Continue Reading →

BBM for Windows Phone to Arrive This Week


BlackBerry is set to release BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for Windows Phone this week. When BBM debuted, it was a giant hit- the whole world ran after it. It became one strict requirement on the social CV of promising bachelors; as even native doctors who were trying to add scientific packaging to … Continue Reading →

New Linkedln Profile on Mobile Makes You Ridiculously Good Looking


New Linkedln profile on mobile makes you ridiculously good looking It helps you tell your story to other professionals when they’re looking for you on the go. Nowadays, social media profile is one’s identity card; everyone now has a window in social media, so window dressing is very popular now- … Continue Reading →

Smart Shoe: Helps with Which Way to Turn on Chosen Route

smart shoe

Smart shoe hooks up with an app that syncs with Google Maps, tracks your steps and counts your calories burned. Here we go again, sure technology has invaded our privacy. Technology had even mortgaged a room in our subconscious minds as most of us still have electronic dreams: using our … Continue Reading →

LG Gen Cool Inverter Air Conditioner – Designed for Naija Market

lg gen cool inverter

LG GEN Cool Inverter V Air Conditioner is specially designed for Nigeria Market. Life is Truly Good with LG! Handkerchief business in Nigeria is big business as the sun always loves to bully us. We must admit the Nigerian sun is not that well-mannered as our skins become biological fountains of … Continue Reading →