Best City Drivers! Answer To Your Transportation Problems


The Answer To Your Transportation Problems Is Here: Introducing to you Best City Drivers (BCD)! - With BCD, you can simply rent a driver on an hourly, daily or weekly rate. You can also hire a driver on a monthly basis.There are certain dates that Nigerians will forever remember due to the fact that … Continue Reading →

Nigerian Banks: BVN Scam Alert

scam alert

Beware of scam artists seeking for your MasterCard/VisaCard Debit/Credit card information online in the name of BVN registration.Some unscrupulous individuals are sending emails prompting their recipients to  click on a link to update their BVN or update their account online. In your own best … Continue Reading →

Poor Phone Signals? Follow These 4 Tips to Improve It


Experiencing network failure in the middle of a very important call can be very infuriating. You may overlook this if it happens for the first time. However, if the poor reception and dropped calls continues, then your phone signal may probably be the problem. As usual,, Africa’s No 1 … Continue Reading →

Avnet Partners with Tricon, Tri-Continental to Deliver IBM Training in Africa


Avnet Technology Solutions, the global IT solutions distribution leader and an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), announced today that its services business unit has formed a strategic agreement with leading training provider Tricon Academy, Tri-Continental Limited, to deliver a complete … Continue Reading →

Tips on How to Send Large Files via Email


Sending large files through emails can be time consuming. This is because there is a specific number of megabytes or gigabyte you can send via mail. Oftentimes, if it is beyond 10 or 25 megabytes, the email will take forever to upload and this can be exasperating.The good news is that you can tell … Continue Reading →

Browsers That can Help You Save Data

Now Browser

The data consumption rate of Android operating systems are massive. If you dare to recharge your Android phone without subscribing to a data plan, you can lose all your airtime credit in minutes.Even with a data plan, the high definition settings of Android can wipe out your megabytes in a few … Continue Reading →

Happy New Month from Innjoo: 50% Off Voucher Codes


Innjoo has prepared a new month gift valid for the 1st day in the month of July, 2015.There will be a 50% off on some Innjoo Fire Black on Gold starting from 10:00 an tomorrow through voucher codes are:JUMBFIRE1 - for InnJoo Fire Black JUMGFIRE1 - for InnJoo Fire GoldSee also: … Continue Reading →

Share Your Data Loss Story & Win N100,000


Yup! The headline is correct. Share your story and win N100,000. It's easy as long as you own a Facebook account which I believe you already had.Have you ever lost important data be it on your phone, computer and other gadgets you've used to store your data? If yes, you've got a story to share and … Continue Reading →