10 Fantabulous Google Features You Should be Using


Google so far has succeeded in relegating many other search engines to the background. They have been so understanding almost making a monopoly of the internet search engine occupation- that we wonder if there is still a daily crumbs for the others, as we all know Google has bitten largely into the … Continue Reading →

9 Fundamental SEO Terms Every Newbie Should Know


One could feel that SEO is some kind of VIP side of the internet reserved for persons who had known the internet before they were weaned. But this is not so, SEO is just as easy as eating your favourite meal. Let us learn some SEO terms that you necessarily need to grasp the whole SEO concept. 1. … Continue Reading →

20 Online Shops With Global Shipping Services.

Online shopping

It is no longer news that that technology has built malls in the internet. You could go shopping, this time not with your wallet but just a mouse. Online trading is a very big trend now as digital merchandise is the new lovely fever in town. It gets coarse though when you want to get items that … Continue Reading →

The Upgrade: Blackberry OS 10

blackberry 10

The Nigerian online shopping websites like Kaymu.com.ng and Jumia has had its fair share of these gadgets since it first came into the market. Without a doubt, we all know that Nigerians love new mobile smartphones and gadgets and at the announcement of the upgrade to OS 10 by Blackberry, the buzz … Continue Reading →

What People Love Retweeting

need a retweet

Twitter has grown so far to become of the first team contenders in the social media team. Over the years, Twitter has developed itself into one platform where people ring their bells, hit their gongs dispersing good dozes of information needed for one’s ears to stay alive- as such keeping the mind … Continue Reading →

Team Reveals Gmail Weakness


Gmail has come to establish itself in the world of communications and technology. It is no exaggeration that Gmail is truly the top  in today’s highly competitive and often volatile market. Would you be surprised that Gmail’s security guards are most times snoring? US researchers had just … Continue Reading →

Amazon Challenges Google with its Own ad Software


Charles Darwin may have thought his theory of survival of the fittest is only constrained to the biological interpretation. But it is no surprising that not only living things go extinct, technological outfits too can go dine with the dinosaurs too- going extinct. This is because of the competition … Continue Reading →

Blackberry Passport Full Specs Leaked Before Launch


Blackberry Passport speculations completely revealed before launch. A cat has jumped out of the bag- it is a Blackberry cat, and it is N4BB that opened the zip Blackberry Passport Full Specs Leaked N4BB has revealed the complete spec sheet of the soon to be launched Blackberry Passport. The … Continue Reading →